Foto Friday: Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Last Friday I talked about kid drama with The Deuce and my nephew. I am happy to say that all was well by the end of the visit. 


Terri from The Timeless Treasure Trove gave me a great idea for my DIY project, Help Wanted: DIY Oh My! She suggested I use chicken wire to replace the wire mesh on the front doors of the rolling cart. Or cut foam boards the size of the door inserts and cover with my favorite material. I am so excited to get started with that. Thanks Terri!


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I’ll be busy this weekend working on the final stages of my novel. I have already started preparing it for Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. My momma is going to be the first to read it in its entirety. She’s the best book critic I know. I’ll make some edits and do the final formatting and then…I’ll let go and LET GOD.


What are you doing fun this weekend?
Do you sleep in on Saturdays or get up early?


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