Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

16 thoughts on “Getting Things Done (Part 2 of 4): From Inbox to Next Action

    1. In my previous jobs outside the home, I was horrible at delegating. I either didn't want someone else doing my work incorrectly, didn't think someone else could do it as well as me, or thought I could do it quicker than explaining it to someone. I have since learned that outside help is ” A-OK”. You don't have to be superwoman all the time. Thank you for commenting.
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  1. I think my problem is that I am a very visual person. It I can't SEE it, it isn't likely to get done. And I am the worst Email hoarder ever! I keep thousands of the darn things, even though I have an aggregator service that rolls up my coupons and newsletter-type Emails. I just don't make enough use of the delete button. I think I need to have a separate folder or something where I can corral the actionable items and keep on top of them. But Inbox Zero – I don't think I'm ever going to get there and I don't know if I want to. I tried it for a while and I spent so much more time obsessing about my inbox and very little time actually doing the stuff in the inbox! I think I need to go read your Big Fat To Do List post and see if that will help.
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  2. Oh Gosh! I am organized in my professional work like, but at home…my life is an absolute mess! I LOVE throwing away paper and trash, but I always seem to keep paper I don't need often and it always piles up! These are some wonderful tips on how to stay organized and this flow chart is great! Thanks for linking up!
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    1. You are already on your way. Your inbox is out in front of you. Go for it!
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  3. I must have open file boxes. If I close it up, it's a goner! Visualization is key for me. Thanks, Joi!
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  4. Good follow up Kim. Thanks for sharing your tips. I have a pretty good filing system…remembering to file is where I get behind. I wish there were a few more hours in the day!

    1. It can be overwhelming. I work on it for about an hour and take a break. I try to do enough to make the area look neat. Buying cute storage containers and bins can make clutter invisible. Thanks for stopping by, Cassi!
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