Thu. Dec 2nd, 2021

4 thoughts on “Move Over Prince George, Here Comes The Deuce

  1. Awww this was sweet. Christopher is blessed to have both sets of his grandparents. Because he’s the only one on my side and the youngest on the other side he definitely gets the royal treatment. I have to remind my mom stuff like, “Mom he can cut his own pancakes.” Lol! We don’t have any back to school traditions. I’m hoping his backpack will last two school years like his prior one. He likes a Nike backpack which is more expensive that the average Spider-Man. Since he’s in the 4th grade now that means he out grew wanting a character backpack in the second grade!

    1. Deuce’s backpacks the last two years were in tatters by the end of the school year. His current one is more durable, so I’m hoping there is no need for a new one in the Fall.

  2. Well HELLO Mama! Cool post Kim! My mother would love to be doing stuff like this, lol! I know family is MOST important for me. It is a blessing that you are near your parents so they can have a physical hand in on the rearing of Duece. The cookin is a huge bonus! Mama, needs to come to town when I visit 🙂 Dont you think we could do a mother daughter outing. I'm sure they'd get along just as we do (virtually) 🙂 !

    I host a Back to School “Sunday Sundae” party every year for all my babies. It's fun or me and the kiddos.

    1. I think our mothers would get along great. I was actually telling my mother about you on Tuesday. LOL. The Sunday Sundae party sounds like a great idea. Can't believe the summer has flown by, but I'm ready to get back into the school routine.
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