15 thoughts on “Pick A Peck Of Pinterest Picks

  1. Addiction is not the word. It's like my bedtime story every night I must read it and see whats new on my boards. I learn so much through pinterest although I am not crafty I do like looking at the pictures. I forget to change the text most times though lol

  2. I'm nowhere close to being addicted to Pinterest. I don't even scroll my TL. I do Lin other people's post though thanks to my blog party. I did at least get familiar with sharing other's work on Pinterest. I do try to create pins for my post and name them appropriately to make it easy on pinners trying to support my blog. That was a great one by Michelle and I like the upside down barstool.

    1. I won't even tell you how much time I spent on Pinterest just trying to prepare this post. It is such a great concept. I have learned so much about making it work for my blog. I love how you create pins for your blog, Joi. Readers love images whether it is text or a pic.

  3. Hi – stopping by from Let's Get Social Sunday! So laughing at this post – this is so ME! New follower via Bloglovin 🙂


  4. I think I am pretty close to being a pinnaholic!! Now the mobile app tells you when you have already posted something to your board. This is sooo helpful because I keep repinning things like they are brand new!

  5. Thanks so much for featuring my post on Facebook Hashtags! I really appreciate it! You are the best!!! And to answer your question, I do both, sometimes I keep it and sometimes I change it. I try to make sure the name of the blog that it originated with is on there somewhere.
    My recent post The Semper Fidelis Award: My Blogging Wolf Pack

  6. I love Pinterest! I'm a Pinaddict…spend a lot of time on there! Hubby would tell you I need intervention. I've been on for almost 2 years. We make a lot of Pinterest stuff from crafts to recipes around here.

  7. Glad to do it my friend. Your posts are always so helpful to other bloggers. I just commented on a #SITSummer thread today on facebook where Pushing Twigs and 2 other bloggers were singing your praises. Thanks for stopping by.
    My recent post Help Wanted: DIY Oh My!

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