Thu. Oct 21st, 2021

4 thoughts on “The Freshman Class: Reality TV Louisiana Style

    1. You may pick up some tips on how to hold a knife or the names of different sauces. But that's about it as far as culinary education for viewers. The premise is the personal life of the students. You empathize with what they are trying to do.
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  1. I'm not watching and not really interested in any food channels, shows, etc, lol! I can cook, but beyond that, I'm just not entertained by it. I did enjoy learning about the people on this show. I'm always interested in people's stories. I hope lil mama makes it off the street from dancing. I hate to see that as one's livelihood! I'll be back to link up tomorrow. Congrats!

    1. What's different about this show is the personal stories. The cooking element is secondary. I wasn't expecting that. Thanks for the support, Joi!
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