The Sky’s The Limit For Where Your Blog Can Go

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The last session of the e-course I was taking with Blogelina covered where I can take my blog. “The Sky’s the Limit!” they said–that’s where. I have learned so much from this e-course. I shared the first three weeks of coursework previously with Next Time On…, Get Your Blog Ready For Visitors, and Planning For Profitable Success With Your Blog.

E-mail Marketing: Why Consider It?

I have not devoted a lot of time to e-mail marketing for Being A Wordsmith. However, this last session made me think again because I learned that:

  • It increases your reach
  • It is inexpensive
  • It is a personal approach
  • You can offer exclusive things such as free newsletters or e-books

To obtain e-mail addresses, you should offer something of value to your readers. Give them an invitation, a list of Quick How-To Tips, something relative to their needs, etc. Recommended e-mail marketing programs with autoresponders are Aweber and Mailchimp.

Article Marketing: What Is It?

Have you ever heard of,, or They are free online article directories used as references for everything from how to French braid your hair to how to do your taxes.
How can article marketing benefit bloggers? 
  • It gives your posts a different audience
  • It drives more traffic
  • It boosts your SEO
  • It enhances your credibility

I am most familiar with Ezine Articles. This article directory is a great platform for repurposing your posts and submitting them to a new audience. Or for writing a new article that is outside the niche of your blog. Publishers are required to include your Resource Box (which contains your mini-bio or website contact information) and can not alter or edit your article in any way without obtaining your permission first.

Ezine Articles reviews all submissions before publishing them on their site. There are also specific guidelines for their site that you need to review pertaining to how the article should be written, i.e., not in the form of a blog post, e-mail, personal letter; no promotional content; no profanity, etc. A free basic membership allows 10 submissions initially. Your membership status increases based on the quality of your articles and more submissions are then allowed.

Recommendations for using any article directory:

  • Strong biography stating why you are qualified to write about the topic
  • Knowledge and understanding of the site’s content and submission guidelines
  • Place keywords at beginning or near beginning of article to boost SEO

The Sky’s The Limit, Y’all!

Are you using article directories to promote your blog? Locate content?
Do you send newsletters to your readers?

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