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10 thoughts on “WineMaps: #1 App For Planning Your Next Wine Tour

  1. Louisiana wineries are famous in producing grapes wine. I have just a simple wine mobile app which shows me the new wine brands and its prices. Is your wine app show the prices?

  2. I signed up! This looks very interesting. I love the idea of finding nearby wineries that I perhaps didn't know existed!

  3. Morgan City? My mother was raised in Batchelor!

    I had a love/hate relationship with Michigan. The snow is pretty to look at, but I hated driving in it. Nothing stops or closes when it snows unless several feet accumulate. Everyone is just expected to adjust and leave for work earlier. There are $3 car washes on every corner because the salt that's put down on the roads can damage your car if it stays on too long. You will definitely need a real coat. A long one. And a hat and gloves. First time I pulled out an umbrella in the snow, I was laughed at! I got used to the cold, but I never got used to the snow. Just the Southern in me, I guess.

    I did have a great job at a charter school in Detroit. I met some awesome people who I am still close to. I was diagnosed with cancer while there. But I was treated and cured at one of the best hospitals in the country for it. Two years later I gave birth to my son at that same hospital. None of those things would have happened had I not lived there.
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  4. I've lived in Louisiana most of my life, and I've only heard of one vineyard in the state, and it's outside of New Orleans! Here I am learning that there are several more just one week before I move away! This is such a bummer! Haha

    But I am excited about the app!! In fact, I'm going to download it right now so I don't end up missing out again! I'm moving to Michigan, and there are over 100 vineyards, so this will really help plan my wine trips.

    I've been on wine tours in France before, and it was absolutely wonderful. I'm hoping to go on several more this fall! Thanks for sharing this app!
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    1. I looked at some more of your blog posts after reading your comment. I'm finding we have so many things in common, Mandi. I was born and raised in Baton Rouge. I lived in Madison Heights, Michigan for 5 years and my husband had to go ahead of me like yours for about 2 months while we sold our house in Indianapolis.

      The wine tours that I did in Michigan were in Traverse City and Buchanan. The WineMaps mobile app is still a prototype. If you sign up for the newsletter at you can get the update on when it goes live.
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      1. Wow, that is a lot in common!! I spent the majority of my life in Morgan City, but I have lived in Lafayette for the past six years because I went to undergrad and grad school at UL. How did you like your time in Michigan? I must admit that I am somewhat nervous. I fear the cold! I don't even own a real coat!

        Hahaha I totally realized the app wasn't out yet as soon as I sent the comment because I headed straight to the app store and failed! I did go ahead and sign up for the beta, so thanks for that! I've been planning some things we will do while in Michigan (we will be moving again in February!) so I'll definitely look into some wine tours in those areas!
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  5. I can't wait for my trip to San Francisco and I might try a little wine while I'm there : ) This is pretty neat!

    1. I've always wanted to do the “Sideways” Tour in Santa Barbara that the movie inspired. I have done two wine tours in Michigan. Lots of fun especially with a group of friends. I would love to go to San Francisco. I hear it's beautiful.
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