Thu. Oct 21st, 2021

14 thoughts on “Batch Processing: Managing Your Time Wisely

  1. This sounds like a great plan. I love the idea of using a timer. I do that also, but it's not as organized as yours. A huge factor for me is that I work outside the home, so the time I have available for in house tasks including social media is extremely limited. I'm gonna use this as a guide for me. Great post!
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  2. I think batch processing is the way I've always done things. I'd much rather do three loads of laundry on one day than do one load of laundry on three days. I don't know if it's really the optimal way to do things, but it works for me – mostly. Another tactic that helps me is setting fences or boundaries around things. For instance, no one in my house is allowed to switch on a TV or set down at a computer if there is housework that needs to be done, or if we have somewhere we need to be early in the morning. It's like a huge magnet that sucks up everyone's attention and brings everything to a screeching halt. I will even put post-it-notes on my computer saying “Adrian can not be on this computer until 11:00 AM”. That helps more than you would think to keeping me focused.
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    1. I should implement more boundaries for myself. I use them with my 6 year old on school mornings. No iPod Touch for him while getting ready for school. It's more distracting for him than watching TV.
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  3. I love that you took someone else's system and tweaked it to make it your own. For so many years I tried this system or that system. But finding one that kind of fits and then making adjustments for what actually fits my life and my personality is the only way it has ever worked for me. And I had to learn that as my life changes, that system might no longer fit and it might be time to find a new one to make my own. Thanks for giving me another one to study and ponder.

    Happy Sharefest. Have a lovely weekend.
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    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the information. I'm always seeking a way to improve how I do things. Batching is working for me these days.
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  4. Bookmarking! I need to do this. I am going to give it a shot next week! Thanks for sharing it!
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  5. I love this! I can so see myself getting into it. I do something of this nature in my head and some written but I am going to give it a shot Kimberly! THanks hun!

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