Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

16 thoughts on “‘Cause This Is Summertime (In My Fresh Prince Voice)

  1. I have a hard time with the summer but I'm trying hard to change that. But I do love the song “summertime” that takes me back…….whoah…

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    1. Classic song, Emily! The ice cream on your post looks great. Thanks for stopping by!
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  2. I think spring is my favorite season, but summer is a close second, then fall. Winter … the thought of shoveling snow and donning coats is a bummer,but winter has its beauty too.

    Love “Summertime”! Carries me back big time! LOL
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    1. I remember the days of shoveling snow when we lived in Michigan. I do not miss that at all! It's pretty to look at, but I hated driving in it.
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  3. I have to say, as I've gotten older I've become more like your husband! I like weather where I need a sweater but not a coat…so put me down as a Fall/Spring girl. My childhood summer loving self would be SO disappointed in me!!

    LOVE the Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff video! Man…that takes me back! –Lisa
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  4. I'm a summer baby so I'm all about the warm weather, cool cocktails, and rolling down the street with my windows down. But Fall is definitely a hug hit with my family. I'm getting some of my soup recipes out now. My 3 y/o has even told me what she wants to be for Halloween and it's not even September yet. Way to be proactive.
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    1. You're right, Michelle. There is something good about every season. I like my winter clothes more than my summer ones. Maybe because I have more to choose from 🙂
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  5. YES, the best song for the summer ever! I went to white water last week while I was off and had so much fun. The kids were gone back to school so we had no lines and it was overcasting so it wasn't hot. I'm like your husband, I despise the heat. I do love the summer time attire though. I'm a maxi dress fool!!!

    1. Not surprised you brought fashion into this conversation. LOL. I do like wearing sandals and open-toe shoes when it's hot.
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  6. Summer is hands down my favorite season. I can't stand cool weather- would rather be hot any day!

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