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18 thoughts on “Celebrities Who Need To Go Sit Down Somewhere

  1. Miley Cyrus can go sit down somewhere too…. And I really CRINGE at ALL of the Kardashians. I would ALMOST rather The Hiltons stand back up, so as to make some space for the Kardashians to SIT DOWN!!! lol
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    1. Have The Hiltons stand back up to make space for The Kardashians to sit down?! I love it. That's hysterical. Thanks for stopping by, GiGi.
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  2. My list is too long to put here. And I have to be a buzzkill here on the song for Swift that you put in the “good thing” column. Have you seen all the youtube videos where the goat is bleeting to that song? Go look it up and I guarantee you'll never listen to the song the same again. Love this and love that you shared it with us at LOBS!!

    1. Thanks, Kristen, for tweeting the YouTube clip. My 6 year old is gonna get a kick out of it! He sings the song around the house all the time. Ironic thing is he doesn't know who Taylor Swift is. He knows the song from someone covering it on a commercial.

  3. I could have listed way more celebrities that need to go sit down somewhere. But I try to keep my post editing between and hour and two hours. LOL.
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  4. Love it! You are so right on all points! Celebrity gossip is just so fun! There are a few that I can think of (Miley Cyrus, Kanye West/Kim Kardashian, and many more) but I think that even people have told them to sit down recently. LOL!

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  5. You know I was howling at the title even before I got to the post itself. Cosign on them all. Can we rent them several stadiums so that they can do a collective “siddung” (“sit down,” said Caribbean style)? I have a bunch of other celebs I'd like to add, starting with Kimye…
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    1. Siddung. I like that, Alison! I almost went crazy on Kimye, but I decided to hold off and see if a reader would go there. And you did. Thanks!
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  6. I think the whole celebrity thing is so overdone. I don't care what they did or ate for breakfast or that they cheated on their girlfriend or…..I could go on forever. Why are we all so interested in people that we will never know when we have amazing family and friends right in front of us. I'll never get it.
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    1. IKR. We go crazy over the Royal Family and they don't even live in our country! If I were too famous to walk down the street without cameras in my face–I would have to go sit down somewhere.
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  7. I don't know anything about the love triangle but Taylor can be chill on acting surprised….SERIOUSLY!!!

    1. Exactly! I googled how many awards she's actually won. It's astounding. So you can only imagine what the NOMINATION list looked like. You're talented. We know, Taylor.
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  8. Love this! I do love red lips but not ALL THE TIME. And love that Bieber needs to sit down because your kiddo is looking up to him. I don't blame you!
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  9. Oh my gosh, I love that you want them to “sit down somewhere!” Taylor Swift has got to be my number one. When will that girl realize that she is the common denominator in all her doomed relationships?
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