Fri. Dec 4th, 2020

7 thoughts on “Getting Things Done (Part 4 of 4): The Endgame

  1. My high energy state is late afternoon/evening, Kimberly. I look at my organizer and mentally make a note (sometimes physically) of what I absolutely must do today. Then I tackle those items and then go on to the medium-urgency items, then the low-urgency ones. But if the phone rings and I can do some of the low-urgency items while I'm phone-bound, I squeeze them in too!
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  2. I do a lot of things on the phone too, Alison. A couple of my family members who love to talk will dominate the conversation. So I take care of low-urgency things while I say, “yeah”, “OK”, “right!” LOL.
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    1. Yep I have a few friends and family who are chatterboxes. You could finish reading War and Peace while they talk and they wouldn't even notice!
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  3. I have been needing to address this for a while and I finally am!! I am working on productivity and efficiency in a big way, for both my blog and my small business. I've gotten to the point where I can't fly by the seat of my pants anymore.
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  4. My high energy state is definitely around 10-11am in the morning, I am usually doing my conference calls at that time, my low energy is usually around 3. I take that time to check vm's and walk around the office 😉
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    1. I've read that people tend to read e-mails around your low energy time. That's why bloggers see their pageviews go up then.
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