Happy And Angry Are 5 Letter Words

A positive thought is 100 times more powerful than a negative thought.The Secret

Today’s writing prompt for BlogHer NaBloPoMo August 2013 is When was the last time you were truly angry? I don’t like to write about negative things too much. Although I could list many things as most people would. It’s just something about that type of energy that makes me pause. But don’t get it twisted, I can go off! Especially when I am disrespected.Today I choose to be happier, healthier, and wiser. I could talk all day about the things that make me happy. Hubby. The Deuce. Writing. Getting enough sleep. Counting my blessings. And…


Lying on the beach

Making money

Drinking wine (the good stuff)
Spending time with my family

What makes you angry?
How do you deal with negative energy?

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