Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

8 thoughts on “Hot Momma

  1. I want a million dollars wrapped in a bright red bow too! You'll get a full body shot with smoking dress after I do a month of your boot camps. LOL. Make that 2 months.
    My recent post HaHeWi Tip #13

  2. You fit right in, Kimberly! Hot mamas each and every one of you!
    My recent post Blessings

  3. You know what Rx Fitness Lady says – Live Healthy & Active!

    We want a full body shot with a smoking dress hot mama 🙂

  4. All hot mamas! You rank right up there with them 🙂
    My recent post Let’s just pretend last week never happened from a goals perspective

  5. These Momma's, including the author of this post, are indeed hot. I am ashamed that Nia Long's skin is 1000 times better than mine and she's 10+ years older than me. Gawd be with me.
    My recent post Not So Subtle Ignorance

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