Fri. Dec 3rd, 2021

19 thoughts on “I Could Be Dangerous With This

  1. I want to make some too! I just don't know if I have that sarcastic funny side which I was I love so much about those! Do you know how to take the ones on there and make them appear as a card on your Facebook page instead of a tiny link? It seems like when you find a good one and share it, its so small people have to click on it to read it. But I see lots of people using them where it's like a picture…
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    1. You could try right clicking on the image from the someecards website to save it, then upload it on Facebook. When I want the full pic on my blog, I use the link/embed code for that ecard from the site and paste it in my HTML for the post. It's a great website.
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      1. For real, for real. Olivia Pope IS real. Her charter is based off of a very smart woman named Judy Smith.
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  2. Good to know! I'm not sure that I am creative enough to make the most from these cards but just knowing I can, in case I get a sudden burst of brilliance, is awesome!

    1. The only thing is they have limits on what you are allowed to do. You can't advertise things like your blog name, etc. It's all in the Terms of Use. But still dangerous nonetheless!
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  3. I love these cards, Alison. They always seem to be saying what everyone is thinking. And now that I know I can create my own… Stand back!
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    1. SITS mentioned that they made one the other day on facebook. So I looked at the someecards site and saw Create Your Own Cards. “That was all she wrote!”
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  4. Oh. My. Goodness. This will be such funnnnnn! I love someecards! Thanks for sharing, Kimberly.
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