Pinterest To The Rescue

Pinterest to the Rescue by Being A Wordsmith

The Deuce is a human garbage disposal. Eats everything not nailed down. He talks about eating while he’s eating. He asks for another snack before he finishes the one on his plate. Growing boy? Yes. But OMG, I can’t keep up with the runaway train that is his mouth. To keep costs low and maintain healthy habits, I have perused Pinterest to find some new snacks for him.

Check out this Frozen Fruit Pop from Fruit of your choice with craft sticks and disposable cups. Awesome!


Pinterest to the Rescue by Being A Wordsmith

Yoghurt and Berry Crunch. Y-o-g-h-u-r-t. (That’s British.) has a yummy treat made with digestive biscuits. That’s a new one on me. I discovered that digestive biscuits which originated in the UK are similar to graham crackers.

I am going to try out these two new finds. Hopefully The Deuce will give them his seal of approval.


Which healthy snacks do you give your kids?
What was your favorite snack when you were a kid? Spill it–even if it was loaded with calories.

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