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Now that The Deuce has entered the 1st Grade, things are changing. No more daily naps during school hours and weekly homework assignments are beginning. I know how much he loves electronic games and using the computer. So this week I introduced him to PowerMyLearning. It is a free website with everything K-12 students need to get ahead for the upcoming school year! The site provides thousands of educational online games that incorporate things your child already loves from animals to fashion.


I went to the site at http://powermylearning.org/ to register for an account as a PARENT first. Quick, easy sign-up. From there I can add The Deuce as a STUDENT on my account. I opted instead to sign him up as a STUDENT separately. His birthdate was asked for to comply with federal guidelines.


The site is still in the beginning phase, therefore some activities are not complete. A new version is being rolled out on September 3, 2013 with new designs and enhancements. However, there is still plenty of learning and fun for your child today.


The Deuce was thrilled when he came home from school earlier this week and I told him he could use my laptop for some online games. We did math exercises during the summer from a workbook. Lots of addition and learning the value of money. So I thought he would avoid that subject when he sat down to view the options, but Math is the one he chose first.




He really enjoyed solving the addition exercises by dragging and dropping the numbers. Initially he didn’t pay attention to the time, but as he became more familiar with the exercise–it motivated him. He lit up whenever the screen announced WELL DONE! and TASK COMPLETED. Later, he thought he could manipulate the time he was given to solve the problems, but could only laugh when he realized it only went up to 10 minutes.


He chose Spanish For Kids next. You can see and hear words in Spanish. He enjoyed hearing the different sounds. Some have pictures that correspond to the words. The entire site is also available in Spanish.


The following day, The Deuce wanted to play the above math activity Sum Sense again. But he couldn’t locate it. I was able to click on VIEW USAGE, see his previous games, and click on the link to the game for him. Voila!


He played Virtual Piano in the Art & Music section. He just liked hearing the different music and dancing to it. He tried Gases Around Us under Chemistry in the Science section. After 5 minutes he said, “Momma, this is for ages 9-10. I didn’t know.” But he was doing great! I have always been impressed by his reading skills. He just read the directions and figured it out. 


The Quiet Machine Game in the Reading: Foundation Skills section of Language Arts was a favorite of his also. You match up the sounds spoken by a narrator to the pictures on the screen. He was very fascinated by the narrator’s whisper tone.



Of course my experience with PowerMyLearning was based on activities for a 6 year old. But the program has individual components for all ages in Kindergarten through 12th Grade. There are activities for financial management for teens, planning for college, goal setting, and saving for the future.

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Do you use online educational games with your children?
What are your thoughts on PowerMyLearning based on my review?

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