13 thoughts on “PowerMyLearning: Online Learning Fun For K-12

  1. These days children are becoming more tech savvy, they love to spend time on computer, mobile and internet. While you certainly don’t want your child to spend too much time in front of the screen, but there are many benefits of it. Online we can have the benefits of the many educational apps and games. Here are just a few benefits you can expect to see from preschool and kindergarten games online

    Problem Solving Skills

    Positive Reinforcement

    Hand-Eye Coordination


  2. Thanks for the tip! We've used Kahn Academy for our girls and it's worked well. I definitely think the 5th grader will like this and it will help her in math for sure! Thanks for sharing with LOBS!
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    1. Khan Academy. OK. I'll check that one out too. Thanks, Kristen. I'm enjoying #LOBS.
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  3. I like this website a lot. This is really great to keep in my back pocket for when my baby gets a bit older!
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    1. Thanks, Nellie. So much to choose from. It's great for keeping kids engaged during the summer and all year round.
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  4. That looks like a really cool site for kids!! I don't know if my teens would be interested but I would definitely tell my sister in laws about it for my younger nieces and nephews!
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    1. Sounds good! There is way more for us to explore. I might do the Spanish one to help me learn another language. 🙂
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