There’s A Shark In My Tub

Yesterday’s post Should I Tell My Readers That I’m A Black Catholic Convert Who Votes Democrat? was a heavy albeit needed one, so I decided to lighten things up today. How do you unwind after a long day? What gives you relief when you are stressed? For me, it’s a long hot bath. Thankfully I have a pretty large tub and I take a lot of comfort in it. It’s my safe haven. And when I’m in there, I can have some time to myself.

Earlier this week I was asked the question, “What phone app can you not live without?” I immediately thought of Google Maps because it has gotten me out of some time-sensitive jams when I was lost. However, if I had a GPS in my car, my “can’t live without app” would be a toss up between Pandora and Grooveshark. When I’m in my safe haven tub, I put in my earbuds and unplug from the world. SN: I do carefully place my cellphone away from the water on the basket of towels that I keep near the tub.

If I’m feeling spontaneous, I listen to Pandora. I click on the genre station that I want to listen to and it randomly picks an applicable song. However, sometimes I like that song so much I want to hear it again. But I can’t. I can only click on the thumbs up icon so it’ll play at another time. I sure do like clicking on the thumbs down icon when a song I don’t like comes on though.

If I’m in the car for a long period of time, I can plug my phone into my stereo and listen to Pandora. This is perfect since I don’t have satellite radio in my car. I don’t mind a few commercials to have the app for free.



If I need to hear Bruno Mars’ Talking To The Moon once, twice, or three times, I go for Grooveshark. I used to listen to Grooveshark solely on my laptop until I came across the mobile app. I like being able to put songs in a queue and choose whatever I want.

I also like all the edits I can do with the Grooveshark app. I can remove songs from the queue if I get bored with them. I can sort them by artist name, album name, or song title.

These apps enhance my Calgon moments. 

Do you listen to Grooveshark or Pandora?

What is your “can’t live without” app?

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