14 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons To Watch Season 1 Finale of The Haves and the Have Nots

  1. Don't know whether I can hold out until next year, Kimberly. The last 15 minutes were tense! Oh my! That Veronica is a hard mother. Lawd!

    1. It was good, right?! She played that part! I was so sure Veronica was about to tell Jeffery that he was adopted to hurt him. But she hurt him more by saying she wished he had not been born. Can't wait for next season either, Alison.
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  2. I have been watching the show each week and I am completely addicted! The drama is so intense on this show! You have drawn me into the show even more now, knowing that the Season 1 finale will be so good!

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  3. I have to agree with Rxfitnesslady, I don't like the housekeeper either, and I don't think she added on thing to the show! If anything her parts annoyed me.

    I am hooked on this show, and I totally love it. Like you I am a huge Tyler Perry fan!! I will miss this show while it's gone. I hope they renew it for another season (or has that already been announced?)

    1. Yes, the show was renewed for a second season. It will begin airing in early 2014. I read that it was due to have 16 new episodes like the first season. And then an additional 4 were ordered because the ratings are through the roof. Thanks for stopping by, Crystal!
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  4. This show hust didn't grab me. I feel caught uo when I see the previews or just forget to watch it. Some of my friends are hooked and I'm all like when is Scandal coming back. Lol
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    1. Scandal will be back on Thursday, October 3rd! Just read that Lisa Kudrow, Phoebe from Friends, has a recurring role for the new season. I'm ready for it too, Toya.
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  5. Of course I'll be watching. What I didn't like and by didn't like, I mean she could have TOTALLY been exed out of the entire season 1…was that cray cray housekeeper. Her role didn't add anything to the show in my opinion. The way she was tripping on Hannah was stupid and unrealistic…not to mention throwing herself at a man who was completely uninterested!

    1. I agree. I liked the rapport that Celine and Hanna had in the first one or two episodes. But then it went south when Celine thought Hanna was trying to take over.
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  6. I'm not hooked, but I definitely watched enough episodes to totally understand this post…thanks to you, my dear. I didn't see Tuesday's episode so this was a spoiler, but I don't mind. I'll still watch the rerun…because they sure like to show the reruns.lol
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  7. Confession: I thought this show was corny. Now I kind of like it! I will definitely be tuning in for the finale. If I were Jeffrey I'd be a little sick about how mom is going to react. Veronica is not to be toyed with. I'm scared.
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    1. Isn't it so much better than you imagined? Tyler Perry is the man! I'm scared of Veronica too. She's gonna skin that boy alive.
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