Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

9 thoughts on “You Better Check Yourself Before…

  1. Always trying to get to bed early but doesn’t happen too often; my brain is all too busy and wanting to prattle on and on…!
    I haven’t heard the phrase “making groceries”? Love to know where that came from? Thanks and really good read.

  2. Growing up in Louisiana, I've definitely heard of “making groceries.” It's not a phrase that was commonly used in my family, but I've heard it plenty of times. It's a somewhat funny phrase, so it always makes me smile. That and “save the dishes” or whatever happened to need putting away. I didn't hear that one as much in Morgan City, but a lot of people in Lafayette say it, so it caught me off guard the first few times. “Save them from what?” I thought. Haha
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    1. I've never heard “save the dishes”. Hmm, interesting. “Making groceries” is mostly a New Orleans phrase I learned. Has to do with the French word, faire, which means “to do” or “to make”. I didn't know it was a unique phrase until I moved out of Louisiana. Thanks, Mandi!

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  3. I try so hard to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier but it is near impossible. I don't know how people accomplish things before work in the morning.

  4. Tell me about up and early and still up now. I am logging off! Before I do, I'll answer your question:) My me time is TV, reading, blogging 🙂 I haven't heard of making groceries.

    1. I am amazed at how you keep the work hours that you do. I can stay up late when I wake up early too.
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