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104 thoughts on “5 Personal Things I Will Always Remember About 9/11

  1. On 911 I was at work at the bank. I was in the cafeteria having lunch when I heard about it. One of our programmers was affected by it as she had family there. I recalled watching Nostradamas on television predicting this, but he did not give the time when it would occur.

  2. I'm really starting to comprehend students in school at that time dealing with it. Before I wrote this post, I didn't know anyone who was that age then. Now I've read dozens of comments from people who were in grade school, junior high and high school. Very eye opening. Thank you for sharing.
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  3. Isn't it crazy how we remember exactly where we were and what we were doing that day? I was canning peaches with my mom and since we didn't have TV, we went into work to see some live streaming videos on a laptop. At that time, I didn't grasp the enormity of the situation. My heart goes out to all those who were affected on that tragic day!

    1. I have read definitive re-enactments from those who commented on this post. No one could say they didn't know what they were doing or where they were. It's something you can't forget. Thank you for sharing.
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  4. I was in my junior year of high school. I remember my teacher turning the tv's on and watching the second tower come down. I remember trying to comprehend how someone could purposely want to harm people like that. I just coudn't comprehend what happened that day. It just didn't seem real. My heart goes out to those families that lost loved ones. It is really a tragic time in our history.

  5. I was living with my dad. He was crazy. He woke me up one day – super early. I told him it wasn't time for me to go to work. He said, “You have to see this on the tv!!” – I thought he was just crazy, as usual, lol.

    I got up and went, bleary eyed, to the living room… And saw it. I thought he was watching a movie. It took my breath away.

    I got ready for work – to work at Macy's, at the mall. I didn't understand how we could be working and listening to “muzak” and not the news. After two hours of not a customer in the door, they finally sent us home.

    It was so surreal…

    1. It was hard for me to do normal activities that evening or the next day. The world kept revolving despite the turmoil. Thank you for your comments.
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  6. I had just returned from DC a couple weeks before 9/11. That morning I was getting ready for work, I had left my son at my Grandma's house the night before so I was watching the morning news as I was getting ready. I was stunned, I worked near our Airport and no one went in to work that day. I couldn't tear myself away from the TV, wondering what was going on, what to expect. I can't watch news on 9/11 and avoid the massage amount of tributes on FB because it is still painful.

    1. I don't know if we'll ever be able to watch those tributes and not feel the impact of what happened that day. Still so powerful. Thanks for sharing.
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  7. I just started my 1st job after graduating college. Last year I spent 9/11 in NYC with one of my dear high school friends. She's a 9/11 survivor.

  8. 9/11 is my sisters birthday. Must be weird to share the day with an historic event. I'm a high school teacher so I spent the day huddled around a radio with my students. A very sad and scary day.

    1. I've read a lot of comments about how courageous teachers were around the country that day. How you guys made students feel safe and kept them calm as they watched the images on TV or listened on the radio. Thanks for commenting.
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  9. Wow. A day none of us will ever forget. Your list of things that you'll never forget reminds me of the many changes our country has been through since the attacks. Thanks for sharing this!
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    1. Of course that day I didn't realize I would always remember those things about 9/11. But every year they come flooding back. Thanks for commenting.
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  10. I was the switchboard operator at a bank headquarters in Downtown Brooklyn. I was located on the 12th floor. My mom called to tell me that a plane had just flown into one of the towers. While we were still chatting about how crazy an ACCIDENT that was, plane two hit. We knew then that it was no accident! Everyone headed to the conference room where there was a TV and a large window facing downtown Manhattan. As I watched tower one fall, I immediately began to cry, knowing they hadn't gotten everyone out of there in time. So sad! We watched from the window as the dust rose from downtown Manhattan. Walking home among hundreds of others and seeing some covered in dust & debris made me super emotional. No cell phone reception. Overhearing people desperately trying to reach family members… it was an eerie kind of vibe.

    1. You're the first person I've connected with that watched it unfold like that. Amazing. The images we all saw on TV, you saw in person. Thanks for sharing your story, Toia.
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  11. Yes, I remember that day well. I worked for the U.S. Attorney's Office in Pennsylvania and was sent home due to our close proximity to the morning's events. I wrote more in detail here:

    That day did change America as we all are reminded each time we visit a national museum, monument, airport, or government office. So thankful that hubby and I toured the United Nations the month prior, so tours are no longer allowed.

    Thanks for this post as those moments came flooding back this year when I entered our local Chick-fil-A:

    1. That is a moving post that you wrote, Tracy. I didn't realize that tours were no longer allowed at the United Nations. Thank you for sharing and commenting.
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  12. On that day it was a normal morning of getting my eldest ready for school and caring for my newborn. I walked my son to the bus stop and heard from a fellow parent that something happened in New York – plane crash. I said oh and my son got on the bus to school.

    I went home and received a call from my sons school saying school had been canceled. His school was on an army base so all no essential staff had to leave including all the students who lived off base.

    When my son came home (the principal drove him home as I didn't have a car) i listened in on the radio about the events of that day. We didn't have a tv and I look back on that as a blessing because I don't have the images seared into my head nor does my son.

    Eerie is what i would describe the atmosphere. Shock too. I can remember thinking if this was a terrorist attack as mentioned what was next? surely they wouldn't stop at just this.

    Nothing happened afterward and it surprised me as if you were declaring war on a nation would you just stop at this? Would this be the opportune time to attack as it was a weak spot? This is how my mind worked.

    I remember people selling flags on the streets the next day (Capitalizing on the tragedy) and calls for war. I remember church members volunteering to help at ground zero and young men offering to join the war on terror not really understanding what it truly meant. I still get chills as I recall people in the church applauding them for answering the call to defend their nation while neglecting the fact that the reality of war is death and that their family may never see this young man again.

    That day saw a shift in how America did things. America is still transitioning but I think that was the start.

    1. I cannot tell you how many people have responded to this post saying they did not have a TV or just had a radio. Although my TV viewing during the earlier part of the day was limited, what I did see was riveting. And of course it was repeated for the remainder of the day and on the anniversary each year. I thought there would be more attacks as well given the magnitude of those four. Thankfully there were not more. But the U.S. will always be on high alert given what took place that day. Thank you for sharing, Sara.
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  13. I had moved to Dayton Ohio the day before to start photography school and I had no clue what was happening. I had no tv and no radio. I learned what happened right around the time the second plane hit when I called my Dad at work. He works at an airport and I was told he was securing the perimeter. I found that odd and then the secretary said real low, You don't know. I was kinda in a daze it didn't seem real. I watched the news with about 50 other people at the Meijers down the road for half the day. Just a crazy sad day! I just wanted to drive the 6 hours home to be with my parents.

  14. 9/11 was a bit of a foggy memory for me. I was getting my wisdom teeth taken out that day and the dentist had turned on the tv and I saw both planes fly into the world trade center. It was so surreal. Here I was strapped down to a chair, struggling to fight the effects of the anesthesia so that I wouldn't sleep through that living nightmare. It was a horrible feeling waking up and realizing what had happened all over again. My aunt had flown back to NY a couple of days before and I remember her wanting to delay her flight because she had a bad feeling about it. Looking back on it now, I'm grateful she didn't do change her mind.
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    1. I've received a few comments from people saying they were in a doctor's office that day. Good to hear your aunt was okay. Thank you for sharing.
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  15. What a scary day that was. I hope we (and now our kids) never have to live through something like that again. My kids talk about it at school as “history” – doesn't seem like history to me – still seems very recent.
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    1. I was a substitute teacher 2 years ago for a high school class. They were learning about 9/11 in their history class. I played a video of the footage with interviews per the instructions left by their teacher. I normally sat and read magazines while I substituted. But I couldn't keep my eyes off the screen. The students couldn't either. Thank you for sharing.
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  16. I will always remember the horror of that day. Seems like yesterday in my mind. I was in nursing school at the time. I remember the entire campus shutting down in honor of those who fell victim.
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    1. Many businesses just went on as usual like mine did. I've heard so many people say that. Can't blame business owners for doing that. Especially ones not directly affected by it. But the employees remember that aspect. Thank you for commenting.
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  17. It really doesn't feel like it was so many years ago. I was in 7th grade and really didn't understand what was going on.

    1. I imagine it was pretty frightening to witness that in the 7th grade. Some days it feels like yesterday and other days it feels like a lifetime ago. Thanks, Michelle.
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    1. Yes, unreal, Isabelle. I still think that when I see the images all these years later. Thank you for sharing and commenting.
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  18. Everyone says never forget, but we have gotten kind of blase about that kind of thing happening again. We were all worried for a few years after, but have kind of gone back to being comfortable. Something like that could happen again anytime. The U.S. government has done a good job of stopping threats so far, but there is nothing to say it can't happen again. Always cherish the life you have, because it may all end too soon.

    1. You're right comfort has crept back in. I remember how shocked the whole country was that it happened in the first place. No one could fathom that a plan of that magnitude had been conceived. How awful for us that we have to be on alert all the time. Thank you for commenting.
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  19. I was having complications with my pregnancy on that day. I was at the hospital and the nurses were discussing the events while doing a physical exam on me. My daughter was born 3 days later but it was a horrific time as the events and the aftermath unfolded before us.

    1. I am always wary of medical staff who are supposed to be attending to me talking about outside things. Of course they probably couldn't help but discuss the events in your presence that day, but I'm sure you needed some reassurance about your condition. Thank you for stopping by, Louisa.
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  20. September 11 is forever in my mind. If I see a clock say 9:11, I think of the tragedy. I had never even realized until the event that September 11th was '911' – a digit often associated with danger and emergency.

    On the day of the attacks, I remember waking up from sleeping on the couch in my living room. I turned the TV on, and saw breaking news on several different channels. It was a replay of the Twin Towers being hit over and over and over again. I felt numb, not really realizing what was going on. The second Tower had not been hit at this point. Then, the headlines later confirmed that another airplane hit the other Tower because there was still speculation whether or not it happened, from the channel I was watching. Then reports started surfacing of other hijacked airplanes.

    I have a lot of friends living in New York City. I live about 4

    1. I was not aware of the significance of 911 with the date either until that day. I also think of September 11th whenever I see the numbers. Or hear the numbers. Thank you for sharing, Yona.
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    1. I bet that was pretty scary for you, Mary. It is very difficult to relive those memories even for those who weren't actually there. Thank you for sharing.
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  21. It certainly is a day I'll never forget. Still to this day doing “normal” things seems odd and out of place. That day everything seemed to stop. I was in college that day – I just got back from class and had laid down to take a nap when my friend knocked on my door. I spent the rest of the day praying and comforting a friend who was very concerned for his aunt and uncle who worked in the Twin Towers and his baby cousins who were in the daycare (thankfully they were all okay, but his grandparents where on the 90th floors and did not survive); and organizing getting people to the nearest blood donation center. That evening our college was supposed to have and Activities Fair for Freshmen to learn about the groups on campus – it was decided to continue with it and not allow the attacks to stop life from going on – that was the night I met my husband.
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    1. You are the first person to share that you knew someone whose family member died in the attacks. Wow. And you met your husband that night. Triumph and tragedy for you from all of that. Thanks for sharing, Crystal.
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  22. I was still in elementary school when it happened. I was lying in my bed when my mum rushed in to tell me about it. I don't live in America, but everyone around me was shocked all the same.
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    1. I have heard from quite a few people about how they were affected by 9/11 although they aren't American. That is very touching. Thank you, Masha.
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  23. Wow, I can't believe it's been 12 years. I was in college. I had just come out from class and had a million missed calls. I tried calling back my parents, but cell phones weren't working. I walked to the university center for lunch where the news was playing on the tvs. I didn't think it was real. It's so sad and I don't think I will ever comprehend the evil in others.

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  24. i remember watching the news on TV when the Twin Towers were struck. I was shocked. My sister was at university in Long Island, and I was trying to reach her desperately because I knew she and her friends went into New York quite often. It took a while for international calls to go through – but I remember my overwhelming sense of relief at hearing that she was ok. I visited the memorial museum 2 years ago – the stories of courage and bravery, love and loss, moved me to tears.
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    1. Wow. I bet that was scary. So many people lost their lives that day, but so many lives were spared as well. Traffic, illnesses, distractions and so much more contributed to people not going near those areas attacked that day.
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  25. It's really interesting to hear your perspective from Atlanta. I was in Los Angeles, in a high-rise apartment, and my father-in-law called right away to tell us to turn on the TV. I didn't know if I was supposed to go to work or if my husband should go to classes at the university. It was odd because they were evacuating the downtown area (because of the big buildings and LA being a major port). It was actually quite scary because we just didn't know what was going to happen. I couldn't get ahold of my dad in New Jersey, so that was tough too.
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  26. I was visiting my parents in OK, in fact my mom, sister in law and I had planned a trip to OKC for the day. We didn't know if we should go ahead and make our trip or not, but we did. Like you said, there were places that were aery quiet.
    That day changed each one of your lives. Each time we travel, we are effected by that day. It really gets in my craw that those few idiots made it where I can't bring my own drink onto an airplane. That may sound petty because there were so many that lost loved ones, but this effects me (and everyone else) every time I fly. And don't get me started on those radiation chambers they want you to stand in before continuing to your plane. I opt out. It's like when you were a child and one kid spoiled the fun for everyone because he didn't play nice.

    1. I hear what you are saying. I get angry thinking that terrorists caused our lives to be forever altered. Safety, security, time etc. Thank you for sharing.
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  27. People watching Good Morning, America or the Today Show at that time has been the common theme among so many comments. My mother did that also. Although I wasn't born at the time, I think of Lee Harvey Oswald being shot on live TV. Things like that just don't happen on live TV. Thanks for coming by and sharing.
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  28. It's strange how it doesn't seem that long ago… 9/11. I was in high school, so I didn't get much news until I got out of school. I remember sitting in front of the TV and just watching the same coverage over and over. I didn't really understand any of it, and I kept asking my dad to explain. However, I don't even remember what he said. What a day….

  29. ahh…you just brought my 12 years of old memories back…honestly….i dont think i can believe it has been 12 years…it still feels like a night mare i just had the other day. I was only in grade 10…was the first week of school. I visited my guidance counsellor about changing one of my classes….and there she was from a smily face who was on the phone with someone turned into a dark saddened face. I was just a typical teenager thought she is just being a grumpy lady. But no she burst into tears and i was so shocked. Next few sentences were like the sky fell upon me. It was too unreal….in my perfect world there couldn't be a day like that even in my worst nightmare. but it happened….the next few months were the most depressing days ….we cried…we held each other…we prayed together. 9/11 has given us all scars …even those whose families did not die…we all suffered. Bless u for this post. may such even never ever take place anywhere again. Ameen!

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    1. I've been reading several comments about people being in school during that time. They've been sharing how the staff and students reaction. Such an eye opening thing for me because I was an adult working in an office. Thank you for sharing your experience. Following you on Twitter!
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  30. I didn't have TV so I only heard it on the radio. I thought sure it was a hoax. It took a while before I figured out that it was real.

    1. I bet it did sound like a hoax when you couldn't see it playing out. It was a very confusing time, Sarah. Thank you for sharing.
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  31. I got up that morning and turned on the TV to do my morning exercise show and caught the news cast on one of those national morning shows. The anchors were sitting in front of a big window that looked out on the twin towers. I was about to change the channel when I saw this plane heading toward the first tower. I stopped for a brief moment and thought, “oh my gosh, they are not going to miss the tower” – then it happened. The anchors were talking about something else and the camera man was yelling and you could see people pointing at the anchors and they were stunned for a second, stopped talking and turned around. It was like the world stopped for a moment. It stops for a moment every year on this day. Thanks for posting this.

  32. I was telling my son the other day about the silence. How for the next few days, there were no airplanes in the sky. I remember very clearly being on a walk with my dog several days later, when they resumed flights. I looked up at the sky and saw a plane and thought how strange that seemed.

    1. Another common theme among these comments–recognizing no planes in the sky. Thank you for stopping by, Carla.
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  33. Greetings from Commentathon! Such an emotional day! Still gives me chills thinking about it. Everything changed for us that day. Thanks for sharing your experiences, Kim! P.S. I'm originally from Louisiana, too!!!
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    1. Thanks for the comment, Arianne. I meet so many people online with a connection to Louisiana. Following you on Twitter!
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  34. Thanks for commenting, Angela! I can not tell you how many stories I've heard about people stuck in traffic on their way to the Pentagon that day. And they heard the news while in their car. Amazing. So many people enlisted after 9/11. Brave men and women. Cantor-Fitzgerald. I remember hearing so much about those employees. Wow! Thanks for sharing.
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  35. It was such a sad sad tragedy… can't believe already 12 years has passed after 9/11 Thank you for sharing your memories with us.
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  36. Our daughter was five months old, and every morning after my hubby took our oldest son to school, I'd plop my girlie in the jogging stroller, and we'd take a three mile walk in the neighbohood. Sometimes, I'd leave the TV on when we left the house. (Terrible, I know.) I wasn't used to being a SAHM mom–I'd always had a career, and this new chapter of my life took serious adjustment.

    When we came home, I grabbed a drink and settled down with Kristen to nurse, while I watched my “best friend,” Katie, on The Today Show. (My hubby and i used to laugh that she was now my best friend, since I saw her every day and often didn't see my real friends for ages.)

    And then the plane hit.

    I don't think I comprehended what happened for a moment, and then i realized that the Today Show folks also had no idea what was happening. It was surreal. Even as I type, i have goosebumps, all of these years later.

    I remember feeling panicked, wondering if we needed to get our son from school, calling the principal, not knowing how much the kids knew. Or how frightened they would be. I was. I was terribly frightened, and so heartbroken for all of those families.

    I'm not sure how we got through the day. I know I couldn't stop watching TV, but we turned it off when our son came home and didn't turn it on again until he went to bed.

    The next day, we took our walk. And the thing I remembered most was that there were no planes in the sky to point at and show my daughter. It was silent.

    1. News reporters are trained and experienced in reacting to the unexpected. But they are still human so naturally they would respond to such a tragic occurrence. I can't imagine having to keep my composure and report on that. Thank you for sharing, Julie.
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  37. Thank you for sharing your memories, Kim! And thank you for creating this topic in your blog challenge. It was a really difficult post for my to write, but I believe that I am better for it!
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  38. This is a day I'll never forget! I was young, in middle school and I remember our teacher turning on the television and us watching, not really understanding what was going on. I get chills even remembering how quiet everyone was and when we were released everyone was in such a rush to get to their parents. To make things even worse, my aunt worked at the pentagon and I remembered my father calling her over and over worried that she had passed. Thank God, she said that a co-worker had stopped her to talk and was thankful that she did because the where the plane crashed was right where her office was. God definitely had his angels out that day.
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    1. Ashely, you should read Mandi's post above for the link up today at She was in middle school on 9/11 also. I told her that I had never talked to anyone that was that young on that day. Only adults. Her experience is quite unique. Angels were definitely watching over your aunt. Thank you for commenting.
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  39. I'll never forget it, Kimberly. It still haunts me. I'll be linking up with a post tomorrow on this very topic. I woke at 4:30 this morning with the events of 12 years ago playing in my mind.
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  40. Wow, what a great post to both commemorate the day and to be your commentathon post! I loved reading your memories of that day. For me, I was doing my student teaching and we had parents flock to grab their kids from school – I had to man the front area and verify identities, etc. Then, I remember having to talk to the kids about it. That was tough. My brother was in the army… he was immediately sent to help. Very eerie. He was only in his training, and of course, he was on the front lines of the war once that started. My mom was on the phone with a business friend who officed at Cantor-Fitzgerald. They were talking when the towers were hit. She was on the phone when the line went dead. She had PTSD for awhile after due to losing so many business friends AND because she used to be a volunteer firefighter/ambulance worker and she lost family that day. And, my uncle, who works in DC, was late to work that day and never made it in due to traffic and the pentagon being hit. Crazy day. I'll never forget…

  41. I will never forget. We were in Boston visiting with my daughter's godfather and his family. My oldest son pointed at the tv and said that plane just hit the building. And we watched in horror as they showed it on the news. My sister in law was supposed to be flying out that morning, from Boston…she heard the news as she was enroute to the airport. We had no idea what time her flight was and were frantic. That day will be imprinted on my brain forever.
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    1. I've gone through so many emotions these last two days reading everyone's 9/11 posts and comments. I remembered things I had forgotten about that day–sensations, thoughts, conversations. Have found a lot in common with others even though their stories were their own. Thanks, Michelle.
      My recent post Perception Is Reality

  42. I remember it like it was yesterday. The crazy part is when the towers were hit I was on my way to work. When I got there everyone was gone but I didn't know why. I worked for a govt contractor at the time so… Anywho, my first thought was finding my father and most importantly my friend Christine's father. He worked at the Pentagon so you can imagine I was terrified.
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  43. I was at work early that day and the publisher said the planes had hit the towers. I said, “On Purpose.” And she said, “do you think so.” I remember not wanting to work and just wanting to be home with my loved ones.
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    1. I think most people believed it was an accident when the first one hit. A student pilot or a small engine plane is what most originally thought–even me. The second plane collision instantly made us all realize that it was intentional. Thanks, Jamie, for commenting!
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    1. Everyone has a story about that day. A different, personal one. I have read some very moving ones. Come back and link yours up if you do one. Thanks, Paula.
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  44. I also remember the eerie silence of that day and the strange, unsettling sounds days later when planes started flying again. Most of all I just remember the despair. Wondering if life would ever be the same and knowing in my heart that it wouldn't.
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    1. I couldn't stop watching the news coverage. I was soaking it all up, totally immersed in every special, interview, and news report for weeks and months afterward. I can still recall the special that aired on network TV of actual footage inside the towers. They waived censoring and aired it raw and uncut. That was intense.
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  45. We were at the beach with my (then) 1 year old. I remember seeing the tv and just not believing anything so horrible could have happened. It was just pure disbelief. And the fliers people put up for the missing people. I just sat and cried and held my baby. –Lisa

    1. Those fliers. Yes, I remember that. Heartbreaking. Not knowing if your loved one died in the attack or was elsewhere and couldn't contact you. Thanks, Lisa, for sharing.
      My recent post Perception Is Reality

  46. I was a Freshman in college, and I was at my job as a nanny, feeding the 3-month-old baby. I turned on the TV while I sat with him in the rocker, tuned it to “The Today Show” and thought they were showing some kind of a movie preview from the sight that met my eyes. I was horribly wrong. I remember looking down at the baby, who grinned at me from behind his bottle, and telling him, “Your life just changed forever.”
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    1. My mother said the same thing about watching it on “Good Morning, America”. Never expected to see that happen live on TV. Thanks for stopping by, Kristen!
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  47. I was working for the State of Louisiana and I as soon as I heard about the first tower being hit, I immediately started trying to email and get in touch with my friend Janice. Last I knew and spoke with her, I knew she was working in one of the towers. I couldn't remember each one. I finally reached her by AOL chat and she said that she had just left that job 2 weeks before but was working just a few blocks away. I was speaking with her as the 2nd plane hit. It was surreal to be in that moment. Not long after, Janice had gotten word that they were closing down pretty much all of Manhattan and she was leaving to go home. She did make it home safely, many, many hours there. I just remember the sheer panic and just watching the news in absolute disbelief. I imagine that it was very similar to how our grandparents reacted when Pearl Harbor was attacked. Just utterly numb… I remember it like it was yesterday.

    I called my husband (then boyfriend) and told him to turn on the news and not long after our agency gave us the green light to go home. I remember getting there and just sinking into the couch and watching CNN for the next few days praying for a miracle. That they would find someone, anyone alive.
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    1. On the phone with your friend a few blocks away? And she had quit WTC recently? Whoa. That's amazing. Thank you for sharing your story, Desiree.
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  48. Wow, you had so many huge things going on that make it all the more memorable for you. Your birthday, a wedding…man, tough week indeed for you. You lived in Atlanta though, that made me smile! Ha, ha, we used to be GA girls together for a moment 🙂

  49. I know what you mean about the eery silence – that was the strangest thing. In DC many people walked to their destinations, no matter how far, afraid to get on the underground metro. Understandably, people were focused and just moving, not saying anything.
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  50. Wow September 11th, it is a day I will never forget.
    First, I don't listen to the news very often, so I found out about it at work. A customer came up to me and told me what was happening. He was not very impressed with my response. You see at the same time that the twin towers came down, my sister was delivering two identical twin boys.
    And so I feel for the families who lost their loved ones, and I understand the sense of loss that most people feel. I however did not truly begin to realize the full impact of the twin towers coming down until a couple of months later when they started changing the rules for entering the USA.
    I am not American and although I understand the devastation and loss that most people feel when they think of September 11, 2001, for me it is a day to celebrate the birth of two of the most incredible boys I have had the pleasure to know.
    My recent post Light Fixture

    1. That's an interesting perspective. I have friends who chose September 11th as their wedding day, so they could have something good to celebrate on that day. I see things happening in other countries on TV that are tragic and although I sympathize, my emotion is nowhere near that of someone living there. Thanks for commenting.
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