Are You Ready For Your Close-Up?

Hello Fellow Bloggers!

Thank you for visiting. If you are new–WELCOME, I’m Kimberly. If you are returning–I’m happy to have you here again.

I am thrilled to share the first day of my September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge with you. If you don’t know about it already, click here and read all about it so you can participate. If you have a post ready for today’s writing prompt, check out mine and then link up yours below. And if you just want to hang out, that’s all right too. I’m from the South, baby, takin’ it easy is what we do.

On my birthday, September 12th, I will be doing a giveaway to celebrate in true fashion. I am also awarding additional prizes at the end of the month.

Because I appreciate the community that blogging provides and promotes, I will be following–via at least 1 form of social media–every person that links up. I hope you do the same for me and at least 2-3 other bloggers.


Who am I in 10 words or less?

I survived chickenpox, Catholic School, cancer, and childbirth.

Why did I start blogging in January 2013?
Because I needed an outlet and a motivator to continue writing every day in some capacity. I’m  finishing my first novel, an e-book, as you read this. It’s been 16 years in the making. While approaching 40 last year, I set 5 goals for myself: take swimming lessons again (check!), take a trip for my 40th birthday (check!), quit my full-time job to be self-employed (check!), improve my smile with braces (check!), and finish writing that book (ERRRRRRKKKK…not yet)!

What is the meaning behind Being A Wordsmith?
I have always been fascinated by words, grammar, and the English language in general. Writing began as a hobby when I was a kid, but acting was my first love. One day in 2000, I realized my headshots were on the floor of my closet while my story ideas were always scattered nearby. I picked up a pen and never looked back. Additionally, wordsmith is a “play on words” for my last name–Smith.

What do I blog about?

  1. Reality TV, Young & The Restless, and other hit shows
  2. Raising an only child (it’s his world, we are just living in it)
  3. Easy recipes
  4. Living in Louisiana
  5. Organization and productivity tips
  6. Being happier, healthier, and wiser


Link up for today’s prompt below.

Which of my writing prompts are you most looking forward to during the challenge this month?
Do you celebrate your birthday all month, all week long, or just for the day? 

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