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32 thoughts on “Are You Ready For Your Close-Up?

  1. Hey Kimberly!! Yayy…I found one of your challenges I can do right now, lol! I'm sooo late! Here I am telling Alison over at her blog about submitting her post late…”better late than never, but never late is better”…yeah right! Who am I to talk, lol! I guess I have to eat my words! 🙂 What a blessing you survived cancer…AWESOME!! Have a good one Kimberly!
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  2. Great way to learn more about you, Kimberly. I'm still gonna do mine… I promise!
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    1. It's interesting when what you thought was the reason behind the blog name isn't it at all. I was so excited to be picked as a feature for the Show Off Party. I'll be back next weekend. Thanks for stopping by, Michelle.
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  3. Love the reason behind the blog name – I, too, have a fascination with grammar and words, which is why I'm studying education and English! I also love your perseverance. You seem to take life head on and roll with it. That's great! Looking forward to joining in the rest of this challenge with you!

    1. So sweet of you to say. I am my own worst critic, but I just can't seem to wallow in self-pity. I've been low before, real low, and I vowed never to be that way again. My life is filled with so many blessings. I choose to be grateful. Thanks, Amy.
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  4. Nice blog challenge. I just peeped the list. Happy early birthday and congrats on the upcoming book. I think my 40th birthday was the one I celebrate more than just one day. But for the most part I can't make it all about me. Me, my mom and my son's birthday's are three in a row in December. Then my husband has his two weeks after ours. So I can't hog up the whole month. 😉

    1. Ha! My mother, father and I are all in September. And my mother-in-law's is the day after mine. So I know just what you mean. Thank you for stopping by, Kenya.
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  5. Hi Kim,

    I'm just stopping over to say hi, be a cheerleader & hang out! Love the idea of a month long challenge. My hubby & I both grew in in New Orleans Hmmnnn fun times 🙂 I'll try to jump in when I can on the challenge. In the meantime have an awesome month!
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  6. I missed the first challenge because I was on vacation (and will miss a few others for the same reason,) but I am excited to participate as much as I am able! I absolutely love all of your goals for your 40th! There's nothing better than being able to check a goal off of a list! Can't wait to get to know you and others better during this challenge!
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    1. There will be a link up on each post for the challenge to link up your applicable one. Even if you miss the day it first appears, the link up will be active until the end of the challenge. So join in whenever you can, Mandi. Thanks.
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  7. Hi Kimberly! Don't know how I missed this one…duh! 🙂 I won't be able to do them all, but I can do a few of them. Looks like fun though…looking forward to joining you! Have a wonderful evening!!
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    1. I am excited about any participation you can give, Michell. Thank you for stopping by.
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  8. That's awesome that you've survived cancer! Man, #FuckCancer.

    Wellst. I'm Vivi. The name of my blog is Heart, Print & Style. The breakdown of my blog name –
    – Heart: I have a huge heart. I empathize pretty easily. Also, I love the shape of a heart.
    – Print: I love to write and we mostly write in print. Also, when we type it's in a print format. Reading is one of my hobbies and I enjoying reading newspapers, magazines, books. Finally, I love wearing prints!
    – Style: Style is my life. I enjoying styling friends and family. I enjoy looking at style. I enjoying styling myself. I just dig style.

    I just celebrate my birthday the day of. I'm actually prefer celebrating birthdays of people that I love/adore than my own.
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    1. Love your passion, Vivi! Thank you for commenting. BLM Girls support one another! I appreciate you stopping by to share your blog and its meaning.
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  9. I learned some fun new things about you! Happy Labor Day, lady!
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  10. I love this post. I won't be able to committing to the entire challenge, but there are certainly a few topics I'm looking forward to like sharing my homemade pancake and syrup I made this
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  11. So glad to hear you survived Chickenpox….Tough stuff! Kidding but seriously I have an aunt who i took care of throughout her Cancer battle and it changed my life. I have nothing but respect for those who manage to get through it and stay positive. Anyway my name is Elle I Run I blog about Food, Fashion and Fun which explains the blog name. Took me a year to come up with it haha.
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    1. Hi Elle! Those “C”s are a beast! I always appreciate the support I get from other BLM girls. I hope you'll join in the challenge. Thank you for commenting.
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  12. Hey there! Happy to be kicking off with you today. I didn't know your blog name was a play on words. That is super cute!

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