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22 thoughts on “Before I Was a WAHM, SAHM, or a MOM

  1. Girl I read this like I never read it before. Dang my memory can be that short in a year. Anyway I read my comment to see if I was going to say the same thing. No what I was going to say this time was that I didn’t cook before Christopher was born either. I think I started trying to really learn the years I was trying to get pregnant but I didn’t really REALLy cook until we got past fishsticks. I’d put some extra in the pan for my husband to eat with whatever.

  2. From Maria September 25, 2013 at 2:52:00 PM CDT
    Yes ten years makes such a big difference in one's life. I don't think I even thought of having a blog back then…
    Thank you for linking up your post at the weekend Show Off Blog Party

    Maria ” target=”_blank”>

    Reply from Kimberly H. Smith September 26, 2013 at 8:42:00 PM CDT
    Love making the Weekend Show Off Blog Party part of my weekend. I wasn't as confident in my writing 10 years ago. Don't know how that would have been. Thanks, Maria.

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  3. From Michelle Thomas September 25, 2013 at 12:38:00 PM CDT
    That's a fun post idea! 10 years ago I would have probably blogged abt fashion and night life haha! Not anymore…lol! Thanks for linking with us for WDW!

    Reply from Kimberly H. Smith September 26, 2013 at 8:37:00 PM CDT
    It really made me think, Michelle! Was glad to link up. Thank you.

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  4. Haha! When I read about the “Michigan Left” I first thought you were talking about the ideological left-leaning folks of Michigan. Traffic lights are a whole different thing! Huge kudos to you for working at a high school in inner city Detroit. In my opinion there is nothing more important than education. I'm enjoying looking at your “throwback” posts! This was a great idea for a challenge!
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  5. I had never heard of a Michigan left before. Just looked it up. Still confused…

    You were a soap opera taper! So was I! Just the other day when I went back home to St. Kitts I found some of my DOOL tapes. Wow. We were hardcore soapers, my dear!
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    1. The picture above shows you the Michigan Left. It's a driving “rule” in Michigan. It's much like a U-turn. To help the flow of traffic, many large streets are divided down the center with a median and there are two or more one-way lanes on both sides. To get to your destination on the opposite side of the street, you get in your far left lane, turn left into the median lane, and then merge into traffic on that side. The tricky part is when you turn into the median lane and there is a traffic light. You can turn left on red if no traffic is coming.
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  6. It's amazing what can change in 10 years… Cool post!
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    1. I appreciate you stopping by, Amber. When I look back over the last 10 years, it seems like a lifetime was packed into it. I'm blessed.
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  7. Thanks! Yes we're all big TV fans in my house and the DVR stays cluttered. Living in all those places was never in my plans. But life is what happens…
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  8. Clearing posts with your kids first. That's funny. My 6 year old likes to tell me which pictures I should post. Oh and that I should do a video instead of a picture. Regardless he wants them all to feature him. Vain much?
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  9. #1 GIRL – we moved to Japan approx a month and a half after we got married. And we moved out of our apartment and moved in with my parents until we left. LAWD. I do not get all warm and fuzzy at the thought of a “newlywed”. I feel sorry for them. LOL!

    We've been married for sixteen years, we've had Christopher for 8 of those. I can't imagine my life without those knuckleheads.

    10 years ago I was bored not being a mom 😉
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    1. Japan? Oh I bet that was fun. My husband and I talked about living outside of the country several times when we first got married. The company he worked for then was always looking for employees to go to China, Japan, Brazil, etc. We never took them up on it. But then would have been the best time to go I think. Before our son was born.
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  10. When you actually sit down to write about 10 years ago it seems like such a LONG time!! Maybe it's because of our ages and that we were just so completely different without children!! I grew up in CT and I still hate driving in the snow!! I love skiing and looking at it but that's IT!!! Thanks for the trip down memory lane…#mbc
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    1. It does seem like a lifetime ago. Yet I can't believe 10 years has passed since those things occurred. I tried skiing. It was neat to have the experience, but it is not for me.
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  11. I would have blogged about what most of my bloggy friends write about now – life with two young kids. Now I have to clear what I divulge with my kids since they are older and have a social media presence. Oh, and I didn't watch The Wire or Alias, but I was a devoted viewer of The Guiding Light for years!
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  12. I LOOVVVEEE that picture of you. I think you shared in an older post before and I said the same thing. You and hubs have kicking it watching TV for the longest. I always try to imagine my Mother pre-Joi and it seems so weird to me. You've lived in a lot of places girlie!

  13. What would you have blogged about 10 years ago?
    I actually had a blog 10 years ago that was hosted on Xanga. I was 14, and I most posted about my friends and school and my first boyfriend. I've actually have several blogs over the years since then, but that was my first.

    Were you a fan of Alias or The Wire?
    I was the most hardcore fan of Alias you can imagine! I watched from the very first episode. I cried my eyes out when it ended. It was like WAY emotionally invested. I wrote fanfiction, hosted my own Alias site and forum, and even had like 8,000 posts on the forum. I even taught myself graphic design by making Alias fanart. It's all very sad really. lol I have all the seasons on dvd, but my first disc from season five is missing, and it's killing me. I keep waiting in hopes that I'll find it, but I think it's time to just replace that season.

    Have you ever experienced a Michigan Left? Or the flashing red traffic light?
    And you know I've experienced both of these! I hate that Michigan left. It's like you can see where you want to go but you have to go way out of your way to get there. Terrible. And I have experienced that flashing red light but didn't know what it meant, so I would like yeild and then go if it seemed safe! I'm glad I have that cleared up for sure now lol
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    1. You had a blog 10 years ago and ran an Alias forum with 8,000 posts? Wow. So glad you are taking it up full-time again. Now the Michigan Left and the flashing red traffic light are supposed to make traffic flow better. I dunno. You get used to it.

      You may be able to appreciate this: When I first left Louisiana and moved to Georgia, I walked around the grocery store there for half an hour looking for vodka. Later I realized they didn't sell hard liquor in the grocery store like Louisiana does. The workers said you have to go to a package store. I was like, “Are you kidding me?”
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