Before I Was a WAHM, SAHM, or a MOM

September 2003

The writing prompt for the Mini Blog Challenge at Rx Fitness Lady today is Throwback Thursday 10 Years: A Day in the Life. I took the picture above at a friend’s wedding 10 years ago this month. I had a lot going on at the time. If I were blogging back then, I would have had no trouble coming up with content for my blog. But boy how different it would be.

1. Being a new wife…Hubby and I were 6 months into our marriage at that time. Although we had been together for many years prior and lived together for a year while engaged, the first year of marriage is still an adjustment. I think most married couples will agree. 



2. Being in Michigan…One year into living in Michigan, I still was uneasy about being there. This Southern girl thought the snow was pretty to look at, but I hated driving in it. I had a spin-out on black ice in March 2003 which made me dread the arrival of winter. In addition, I was still getting used to the Michigan Left and the flashing red traffic light that you could turn left on if no traffic was coming.


3. Being a new employee yet again…I had just started a new job with a charter high school in Detroit. I don’t mean in the suburbs of Detroit where I lived–I mean the city of Detroit. After the move from Atlanta and the move from Indianapolis, the job at the high school was my third one in a year and a half. I quickly grew to love the job very much but at this time 10 years ago, it was a little daunting. I was working closely with teenagers and I had never done that before. I had also taken a huge cut in pay and was feeling less than my worth.


4. Being without a child…Starting a family back then was something I was eager to do, but Hubby and I decided to wait another year or so. I would probably be blogging about DVD marathons that Hubby and I would have to catch up on television shows we had not seen. Alias, Oz, The Sopranos, and The Wire. I recorded As The World Turns, Young and the Restless, and Guiding Light on VHS tapes with the help of TiVo. That kept me entertained for hours. Thinking back on that time, I am remembering how many naps I was able to take, how easily we came and went, and how carefree we were. I’ll never forget the time shortly after The Deuce was born and Hubby suggested we walk a few houses down to get something from a neighbor. I had to remind him that we couldn’t leave the baby in the house by himself. Hard to imagine life without The Deuce now. 

5. Not being…There would be no Rigged Recipes because I didn’t cook then–Hubby did. I would only be able to reminisce about living in Louisiana, because moving back was not in our plans nor was it on our minds.

What a difference 10 years makes.



What would you have blogged about 10 years ago?
Were you a fan of Alias or The Wire?
Have you ever experienced a Michigan Left? Or the flashing red traffic light?


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