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26 thoughts on “Eat Craft Vogue

  1. Now I totally confused about oats. I look at your package and then looked at mine, it says old fashioned but not “rolled”. I wonder what the difference is. It must be morning groggy as I sit here an drink coffee because I was wondering why were recipes were “rigged”. I was saying it as “ridged” in my head. Finally said – duh to myself to get back on tracked. NOW the granola seems like something I'd eat too much of all by myself because nobody would eat it so I better wait until I can gift it. It'll be pretty in a mason jar (assuming you can break it up). I will most likely try that soup.
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    1. Wake up, Kenya! Ha! The difference between regular/instant oats and ROLLED oats is the rolled oats are bigger and take longer to cook. The rolled oats work better in the granola. Yes, you can break it up.

      My recipes are “rigged” because I adapt them from ones I find on the internet. I make them healthier by substituting ground turkey for ground beef, taking shortcuts, using chicken instead of beef or pork, etc. I explain it on my Rigged Recipes page and how I just started cooking regularly 2 years ago.
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      1. I'm awake now. Dang to my typos. LOL! I will definitely check out your rigged recipes. I grew up a vegetarian (age 7 on). I started eating chicken again when I was 18. Then married a total meat eater at 26. I was able to convert him to ground turkey, and I don't make anything with beef or pork. Always looking for something different to make instead of the same ole same ole.
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  2. That black bean soup looks good! The weather will be cooling off soon, so I'll definitely have to try this one for the fall months. Does it come out really spicy with the addition of the habanero chili pepper?
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    1. I appreciate that! I really do love connecting with other bloggers. I learn so much! And I believe in sharing. Looking forward to trying your recipes.
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  3. I LOVE yogurt, especially with granola. It's such a great snack for kids as well. Mine both love it almost as much as I do.

    1. I am a sucker for salty and sweet these days. When I was a kid, my Daddy would always put BBQ sauce on his popcorn. I didn't get the reasoning for it. Now I do!
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  4. I pinned the black bean soup and will get it going in the fall, Kimberly. LOL re: rolled oats. I didn't know either until a few years ago. 🙂

    Anyhoo…I’m stopping by with some great news: I nominated you for a Liebster Award! Go over to… for details and next steps.

    I do hope you’ll accept your nomination, Kimberly; I truly believe you deserve it! Cheers, and have a great weekend, Alison
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    1. I am a recipe girl through and through. I rely on them heavily because I don't always know what spices/ingredients will work well together. Once I make it, then I rig it. Thanks, Michelle.
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