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22 thoughts on “Is My Triple Crown Blocking Your View?

  1. Amazing list! You mean to tell me you actually watch kiddie TV too, lol! You are one busy lady! You should utilize your writing skills in the critic industry! I bet you would be fantastic at it. You ever thought about that. I would love to do something like that as well. Love your healthy list and happy too! Prayer and talking to God keep us sane and happy!

    1. Yes, I watch kiddie TV too. Sometimes to the point where I look up and realize Deuce left the room 5 minutes prior and I'm still watching it. LOL. I have been told that I should be a TV critic. But I like what I like and that's it. Don't know how unbiased I could be about shows I don't watch. Thanks for the compliment!
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  2. Man – I really don't like to watch tv. I'd rather be blogging – seriously. My watch list this fall is Scandal and that is it. I refused to get hooked on anything else. Anyway, Christopher is watching Ant Farm? I have to admit it's entertaining so I'll make myself watch that one. I do like movies, we watch the bootleg of Smurfs 2 on Saturday night. I don't play any online games. I don't play many on my phone either. But there is one I probably check in with often. It's called 4 pics 1 word.
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    1. If your watch list only consists of Scandal, then you definitely get a PASS. Lol. Deuce watches A.N.T. Farm. Another good show with singing and dancing. He can't wait until Smurfs 2 comes out on DVD. He was quite upset that I didn't take him to the movies to see it. He always refers to movies being released as “It's in theaters now!”
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  3. I don't think I've ever had a veggie burger. Prayer at a stop light. I like that. Or maybe for every commercial when watching TV. 🙂
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  4. I hear you on the giving gratitude, prayer, writing, and ground turkey bit. Good way to continue your challenge while linking it to Joi's! #mbc
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    1. So many people's lists mirror mine. Thanks for stopping by, Andrea. I need to visit your blog. I have been swamped the last few weeks.
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  5. Great triple crown, Kimberly.! I'm so on board with the ground turkey. I don't do red meat at all. And of course prayer, positive thinking and gratitude are my default setting. They are as natural as breathing to me. When any of them are out of balance, I honestly sense that nudge from the Holy Spirit to get back in the spiritual saddle and set my stuff in order. Thanks for sharing this good stuff!
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  6. I mix my ground turkey with regular burger. It's not quite as healthy, but I figure every little bit helps. Also, I've found that praying for others is one of the most rewarding things I've ever done.
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  7. Giving gratitude — I like it! It's so important to acknowledge folks for the kind things they do. . . even if it's just a quick nod or wave to another driver who moved over a lane or two.
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  8. Sorry – I can't get on board with the ground turkey thing. I'd rather eat a veggie burger for a week straight than have one turkey burger!
    A friend of mine started the practice of saying a prayer each time she is stopped at a traffic light. It's just a quick prayer, always for someone else, but she says it makes her more peaceful and helps her get to everyone on her prayer list!
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  9. Hey Kimberly! Wonderful list you have here! I so believe in gratitude…”In ALL things give thanks”! Too funny, my husband said in his teaching last night that…”Gratitude causes God to pour out more to us”. I do believe in whatever you sow you shall reap! If a person is always thinking and saying negative things, their life will be negative. The Bible does say that we “will have what we say”! Too funny about the kids shows…I watch “Arthur” every single day(one of my favorites), lol! Thanks for sharing Kimberly, have a wonderful weekend!
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    1. Thanks, Michell. Gratitude is my attitude. Has to be! I have to constantly remind myself that someone somewhere has problems worse than mine. I can't complain. Should not complain.
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  10. I totally believe in the power of positive thinking! The Bible even says that our words have the power of life and death and that we can speak both blessings and curses over our own lives. I really and truly believe that, so it's something that I live by. And I'm constantly trying to correct the things my husband says to make them more positive! (He thinks saying what he wants aloud will “jinx” it. I'm trying to teach him the opposite.) One good example is that he heard about a job that he wanted but it was too late to apply for the position. In about six months they would be accepting applications again, so he planned to apply then. We started talking about that job as if he was already going to get it and the next week, the company called him out of the blue to ask him to interview for the job right then! And he got it! I believe God gave us the blessings we had been speaking into our lives, which is such a cool thing!
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    1. Great story, Mandi! That's why I enjoy the teachings of The Secret because they incorporate the Bible in it. I've actually gotten my husband to correct his words about things too. Your thoughts become things. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I like to substitute ground turkey also, but hubby hates it! Even if he's grilling, I'll make turkey burger patties for myself, while he has regular ground beef. I'm always looking for healthy alternatives. I'll have to try and find that LIMU drink. How does it taste? Have you noticed a difference since you've started drinking it?__I start off my day with prayer as well. I usually read a few bible scriptures as I'm riding the train to work in the morning. It's funny how if something happens and I don't get to read my scriptures, my whole day just seems off.

    1. There are links to the LIMU in this post. Or you can go to I sell it as well as drink it. I love the natural energy it gives me. I've heard testimonials from people with injuries, pain, and fertility problems and how it helped them. A professional athlete friend of mine turned me on to it. He can't put just anything in his system, so I knew it was the real deal.

      Ground turkey can be an acquired taste for some people. I'm just used to it. I use a lot of liquid to keep it moist since it has less fat than beef. I've made lots of dishes for people like tacos, spaghetti, and lasagna with the turkey. They had no idea it was not beef.
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