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43 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday Complete With Giveaway, Flashback, and Surprise!

    1. He did! I am still amazed that he pulled it off. Makes it hard to be mad at him sometimes. LOL.

  1. Last year’s birthday sounds like it was a blast! I hope this years birthday was also really special. Happy sits feature day!

    1. It was the ultimate birthday celebration. It’s going to be hard to top in the future, but it will be fun trying. Thanks, Corlie!

  2. From Mandi Noel September 12, 2013 at 8:20:00 PM CDT
    Oh my goodness, your husband did such an amazing job!! I would have been blown away, for sure!
    Hope you had a wonderful and blessed birthday!

    Reply from Kimberly H. Smith September 12, 2013 at 11:30:00 PM CDT
    Thanks, Mandi. I had a nice relaxing day. I appreciate you commenting.
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  3. From Michelle Nahom September 12, 2013 at 6:47:00 PM CDT
    Happy Birthday! That is an awesome story! Your hubby rocks! That is the best surprise ever!!
    Mine did something kind of similar with my friends years ago (no vacation involved though). He had my two BFFs fly here from Colorado (where I grew up) for my 30th birthday (a long long long time ago). It was a huge surprise!

    Reply from Kimberly H. Smith September 12, 2013 at 11:29:00 PM CDT
    True surprises are the best! The ones you really don't see coming. Thanks, Michelle.
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  4. From Mocadeaux September 12, 2013 at 6:20:00 PM CDT
    Happy birthday! I'm not sure if I will get my post up since I've been traveling all day but I at least wanted to stop by and send big birthday wishes to our Blog Challenge hostess!

    Reply from Kimberly H. Smith September 12, 2013 at 11:26:00 PM CDT
    How sweet, Mo! Thank you for remembering and stopping in. I really appreciate it.
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  5. From September 12, 2013 at 6:06:00 PM CDT
    I'm wiping tears away, what a touching story about last year!!!

    Reply from Kimberly H. Smith September 12, 2013 at 11:25:00 PM CDT
    Awwww, thank you. I cried while I writing the post. It was very special. Thank you for stopping by, Amber.

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  6. Ugh, I'm so ashamed that I'm just making it over here. It's been a rough couple of days my love! Charge it to Walgreens please, the gym, a d not my heart. I hope you had an amazing birthday. A very HAPPY BELATED!

    Now, hubs was so on point with this. Your recap made me feel I was there. So sweet that he had those special ppl in your life there. What a blessed union you have & that was one heck of a birthday!

    1. It's all good. I know you are a busy woman! I appreciate you participating and linking up. It means a lot, Joi. I'm gearing up for your challenge.
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  7. This was so awesome to read!!! It is such a blessing to have wonderful people in your lives! My girlfriends hold a very special place in my heart ~ even if we don't see each other on a regular basis (yes, even years) we can always pick up like it's been hours. Happy belated Birthday to you!!!!

    1. That is exactly what it's like when I see or talk to these two. Like no time has passed. That is really important when you live far apart and have busy lives. Thanks, Michelle.
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  8. The best post ever!! I think I lived through each sentence…shedding tears at the end! Our Parrain is THE BEST! I pray my 40th celebration is equally special! With all of that…I don't think any birthday will top that one…LOL! What an awesome read & story! Thanks for sharing!! 🙂 Keep up the awesome work!

  9. Happy birthday! This birthday looks and sounds amazing!!!! That was awesome for your husband to surprise you like that!! I was even surprised reading it! lol

    Chene via Southern girl Blog Community
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  10. Awwww Kimberly….I'm crying now!!! That was an awesome birthday gift from the hubby!!! Can you believe it, I don't have a “birthday” post…IKR! Well, I do, kinda sorta, lol. It was just a “DYWW” linky-party MENTIONING my birthday, so I guess that doesn't count, huh? Anyway, linking or not, I just wanted to come over and wish you a VERY HAPPY & BLESSED BIRTHDAY lady!! ENJOY!!! Oh, and thanks so much for linking up!
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  11. Happy Birthday Kimberly!!! What an awesome birthday story and celebration. Your hubs IS THE MAN. It's probably a good thing that he's not all that romantic because if Mr. non romantic was able to pull off such a sweet surprise, I'd can't imagine what his romantic self would do. Your son is the cutest little Michael Jackson ever. Great post
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    1. Thank you, Hope. Deuce thinks he is Michael Jackson. Ironically his first and middle initials are MJ.
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  12. I hope you are having a wonderful birthday!! And what a hubby you have — I would say “romantic” is buried in there somewhere!!!
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    1. Yes I think his romantic is in there somewhere. He makes it very hard to get mad at him about anything. Just when I'm about to go there or have gone there, I think about that trip. Sigh. Thank you.
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  13. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you have Prince Charming as a husband! I, too, turned 40 last year and felt the need to mark it in a special way. I was dreading the big 4-0' but with all the celebrating I made peace with my forties.

    1. Last year was all wrapped up in celebration and it didn't hit me that I was the big 4-0 until I got back home. This year I knew all too well what age I was turning as the day approached. I am still grateful though, but well aware. LOL
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  14. Happy Birthday Kimberly! What a great Birthday you had, hope it is special this year too. many Blessings, Anna.

  15. Hope you have an AMAZING birthday!!!! Sounds like you have a lot to live up to for the day. I'm jealous of your trips.

  16. Waaaaaaaaaah!!! This was so freakin' SWEEEET! I wasn't prepared to cry after I was laughing at your fails. I succeeded at zip lining this summer. I remember saying to myself that I was glad I didn't chicken out because that was a long way to go back. Christopher did it too!!! Sorry I had to rub that in. I have no idea what rapell is. I am going to go google it. I am like you and would have wanted to chill and read up book and take in the scenery. My husband does not want to relax on a vacation. Enjoyed reliving your birthday through this post. So sweet your BFF's were there. Happy Birthday!!!
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    1. Thanks, Kenya. It was a week of all kinds of emotions. I remember reading your post about zip lining. Everyone I talk to says they were scared at first but were glad they did it afterward. I couldn't deal with the height. I thought I was too far up for the first tower. When my husband was done, he told me to be glad I didn't do the first one because the following ones went higher. OH NO!
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  17. Totally laughed when I got to “Here's the thing…” now let me go finish reading. I'm eatin' this post up like it's chocolate.
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  18. Happy Birthday Kimberly!!!!
    Okay, call me a sap, but yes I actually got teary eyed when I got to the part where you ran into your friend Margaret. That had to be the coolest birthday ever! Two thumbs up for the hubby! Now can I have YOUR husband talk to MINE??? Mine, poor fella, can learn a thing or two in the birthday celebration department. For my 40th birthday, NO ONE remembered my birthday! I had just recently had the baby and everyone was so excited over her, that my birthday was actually forgotten. Can you say disappointing?
    Anywho, I hope you have an absolutely awesome birthday! 🙂
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    1. Yep, I got teary-eyed too. What a wonderful thing for your hubs to do, Kimberly. Just awesome to be surrounded by your besties on your milestone birthday!
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    2. I remember being ignored when my son was born. You go to visit someone and they don't even say hello to you because they are fussing over the baby. My son is 6 and it still happens! Tell your husband that you need a DO OVER. lol Thanks, Kennie.
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