My Series Finale…Don’t Worry, There’s A Spin-Off

Dear September, 

You were a fantastic birthday month for me! 

1. I hosted my first blog challenge. 
2. I participated in Rx Fitness Lady‘s 7 day challenge and Blogelina‘s Commentathon. 
3. I connected with some talented bloggers.
4. Received humbling accolades.
5. Had a great time, but boy am I tired. A good tired.


What I learned from the SSEDB Challenge:

  • Don’t judge a book by its cover. 
  • If you push yourself just a little bit, you will accomplish things you thought you could not do. 
  • If you write it, they will come.

What you can expect from Being A Wordsmith as a result of SSEDBC:

  • Because of the great response to the Resurgence writing prompt, it will become a monthly feature on BAW for one weekend. 
    • Look for it to begin October 18-20, 2013.
    • There will be a link-up to place your old posts so you can get new and renewed love.
  • I will be sharing more posts from other bloggers via Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Sverve because of the outpouring of support shown to me.

To those who linked up for the September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge

Mo at Mocadeaux
Kennie at Beignet Mamas
Sarah at Snow Globe Shaken
Shawnna at Small Talk Mama
Amy at The Breezy Mama
Britton at My Big, Beautiful, Life
Katherine at Chaotic Balance 
Natasha at Epic Mommy Adventures
Amila at Food Corner
Ricki at The Questionable Homesteader
…thank you!
I appreciate everyone who displayed my badges on their blog, stopped by during the challenge to give a shout-out, comment, or just say “What’s up?!” It takes a village to raise a blog.

One of the Louisiana seasonings below will be awarded to the following for their “above and beyond” participation in the SSEDB Challenge:

Kennie at Beignet Mamas
Sarah at Snow Globe Shaken

Link-up your challenge wrap-up posts below! (Link-up now closed)

What were your favorite writing prompts during the SSEDB Challenge?
Which writing prompts were the most challenging?
What were the pros of the challenge? Cons?
Do you like the new things that I’ll be rolling out as a result of the challenge?

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