Penultimate Pinaholic Prompt Post

What I used to think about Pinterest and what I know now…

  • I used to really LIKE Pinterest and now I just plain LOVE it. 
  • I used to think it was just about organizing pretty pictures. Now I know that I can bookmark articles to read later and promote my blog posts. 
  • I used to forget to go to the site and now I can’t stay away.

The September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge is winding down. One more EVEN DAY post after this one. But I couldn’t close it out without doing a post dedicated to Pinterest. If you don’t know any pinaholics, it’s probably you!

My Pinterest URL is Click  to follow me. Allow me to show off some of my boards and pins.

My Y&R board is a community board. If you would like to pin to it, please follow the board so I can send you an invite to do so.

These were my first two pins…

…and still are two of my faves.

Are you very active with Pinterest?

What have you found on Pinterest that was the most helpful to you?

Do you use the Secret Board feature?

Do you pin your posts to Pinterest?

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