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29 thoughts on “Perception Is Reality

  1. Boyz n da Hood is one of my all time favorites movies!!!! I can watch it over and over and over. I believe the many messages are so powerful. Having a mini me limits the time I can watch it though! 🙂 Great post
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  2. I've never read the Da Vinci Code, but I saw half of the movie and was bored. I heard the book was much better and I meant to read it, but never did. You just rekindled my interest. I have seen the movie several times, although not recently. I always cry at the part when Ricky gets shot. I'm feeling like I want to watch it on Netflix now. Great post.
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    1. I was so upset that The Da Vinci Code film was subpar. I couldn't wait for it to come out and could have cried in the theater after the first few scenes. They changed parts of it from the book too.

      There's a great clip on YouTube called The Untold Story Behind the Making of Boyz N The Hood. It's the stars of the film talking about how they were all so green then and had no idea the movie would be so iconic today.
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  3. I just finished reading Jennifer Armentrout's 4th Lux series book ~ “Origin” and the ending literally took my breath away. All I could think was, Oh man, stuff's about to get real! I couldn't think anything coherent for a while! Love those books that suck you into their world so completely you forget everything around you. 😉
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  4. Great choices. My favorite book is The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. It's such a fabulous examination of human behavior and motivation, with some good versus evil and some snottiness thrown in. It works for me. I also adored The Book Thief. Death is the narrator and adds so much to the story. It's set during the time of the holocaust but is from a different angle than any other book I'd read. It's amazing. There are several others I could choose, but those two are my favorites.

    As for movies, it changes. I would probably choose Dead Poets Society because of the time of my life that I saw it. I was in high school. It was the first movie I saw that was so powerful, that was more than just entertainment. It really said something important. Plus, I really identified with the character whose dad pushes him to be whatever the dad wants and to be perfect. I had a similar relationship with my dad and it caused severe mental health issues for me, just like the character from the movie. I also had teachers that saved me from the darkness of my life, like those boys did. It's just such a great movie.

    This was fun. Thanks for the great idea.

    1. Check out the post linked up above from Kate at The Lactating Catholic (TLC). She talks about C.S. Lewis' affect on her as well. Dead Poets Society is an awesome movie. Thank you for sharing your experience, Miss Robin.
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  5. I did read the Da Vinci Code along with another Catholic friend of mine. It's entertaining but (pout) it really (like really) misrepresents Opus Dei, of which I am a member. This very normal and wonderful order started giving tours after Da Vinci came out to show what they were really about: Catholics who know even the humblest task can be done lovingly and well, which has nothing to do with how it was represented in the book. Just my two cents since I'm lucky to know several members of Opus Dei. 😀 Now I want to see Boyz N the Hood….
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  6. Wow girl. Now I want to read that book. It'll probably be months before I check back in with you to let you know I read it. I'm listening to one and just about to start reading another. I usually try to have two going at once. A book changing your life is really hard to answer but I read two around 1999ish that really made me think. They are deep – Christian fiction. It's a bumpy start but once you get on a roll they are worth it. This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness was the sequel by Frank Peretti.
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  7. I'm generally too chicken to watch serious or violent movies. But I did love reading The Da Vinci Code! A great book that really made you think! Off to write my post!
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  8. I am ashamed to admit I haven't read nor seen either one of these because they are classics! However, there are a few movies I saw when I was younger that also opened my eyes to the bad things in this world. I don't believe in completely censoring children and leaving them to grow up in a bubble. I am careful with what my kids see but I don't shield them from everything.

    1. Yes, kids will become privy to things whether we want them to or not. Some things you want to be able to explain to them before someone else does in the wrong way. My 6 year old is a sponge. I'm always amazed at the things he says and he uses them in just the right context.
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  9. I appreciate you sharing that, Kenya. I am much more open to reading different types of books than I once was. I read Left To Tell by Immaculee Ilibagiza after someone in my book club chose it for everyone. I am ashamed to say that I had no knowledge of the genocide in Rwanda. Thank goodness someone prompted me to read that book. It opened my eyes to another world.

    I have got to get back to my audio books. I listened to them in the car constantly once upon a time. When I became a WAHM, I was no longer driving as much so that decreased. But that helps me juggle two books also.
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    1. I'll make a note of that one too. I got on a nonfiction kick this year. I read and listened to Roots. It was incredible – the television series didn't do it justice. As for audiobooks I am totally spoiled now. If I don't have one a simple task such as putting the dishes away is a drag. Did you know you could rent them from the library on your phone? I thought I'd share this post with you.

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    1. Ha Ha! I enjoyed reading Angels and Demons. Probably like most people, I read it after The Da Vinci Code. I wasn't crazy about the film depiction.
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  10. Run, Ricky, Run! Ooh that movie. I discussed The Da Vinci Code with my daddy too. His father was the pastor of our church for many years. So I was at church, Sunday School, and VBS always. My daddy told me that he had heard about Jesus' lineage too, but he didn't put any stock in it. I found it quite interesting that he was light-hearted about it, because he thought differently.
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  11. Oh man, you picked two good ones! I can clearly remember going to the theatre to see Boyz N The Hood when it first came out. I think even now when I watch it, I'm yelling at the screen for Ricky to stop scratching that ticket, pay attention and RUN! __And DaVince Code! I was so happy when that book came out. For real, as an only child, I spent many days in the library and reading all types of stuff. At one point (somewhere around the 6th grade) I actually came across some literature that talked about Jesus being married and having a lineage. My reaction was “Whoever wrote this have lost their mind”, and when I began to tell people what I had read, I was told “You don't need to read stuff like that”. Although it went against everything I had ever been taught in church and Vacation Bible School, the curiosity never went away. When the book came out, it was fascinating to see the public reaction and outrage to it.

  12. I'm sold on the DaVinci Code. Can you believe that I haven't read it. I will suggest it to the book club as the next book, not sure if they've read it. As for the movie, OMG, you already know…it's a classic for me. I LOVE this movie. I cry every time when the mom is yelling oh God after Ricky gets shot. That's interesting about the shooter getting killed in prison. I never think people who play criminals ever really know anything about the streets. Good picks!!! I have linked up boo!

    1. It is sad about Lloyd Avery II getting killed in prison. I read that he and his younger brother, Che (he was in the movie too) grew up with both parents, in an upper middle class neighborhood, and went to the famous Beverly Hills High School. But both were drawn to the streets. Let me know what you think of The Da Vinci Code when you read it.
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  13. Oh I am so far behind already! I already had stuff on my schedule. I promise I am going to try to do some of these! I did not read the Da Vinci Code or see Boyz N the Hood, but my interest is definitely piqued now.
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