Picture Me Rollin’ (In My Tupac Voice)

A typical weekday for me starts with getting up…

and getting The Deuce off to school.

Before I leave, I get my coffee started in the coffee maker so when I return…

I pull out my list to begin my batch processing. Read more about that here.

SITS and social media are part of my day EVERY DAY…


Midday I do a quick prep for dinner if needed.


More batching, make sure The Deuce is comfortable after school, and begin dinner.

Hubby and I spend time relaxing…

 …while The Deuce chills after his bath.

Deuce does his night time list before going to bed…



…and then I really relax.


Are any of my typical daily tasks the same as yours?
Do you like how I relax?
Are you a SITS Girl?
Which blogging communities do you belong to?

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