They Broke My Funny Bone

This past week has been an awesome one for me in blog land. The September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge has been going very well. Let me just say: You must check out the creative posts written by these inspiring participants. I am so grateful for their willingness to open up about their childhood, their triumphs, their fears, their wins/losses, and the love we all share for writing. Thank you, ladies!

Alison at Embrace The Struggle nominated me for my second Liebster Award. I am very humble. I will be answering her questions in a post in the next week or so. And Natasha at Epic Mommy Adventures along with the other 8 hosts of My Favorite Posts Show Off Weekend Blog Party featured my post, Celebrities Who Need To Go Sit Down Somewhere.

On to today’s writing prompt…


I have showered blog love on the BFF bloggers Lisa and Ashley at The Dose Of Reality a few times before. Their weekly Pinterest Nightmare posts leave me crying from laughing so hard. It’s not just the crazy pins they feature, it’s also their written reaction to it.


Here are some excerpts from their post, Pinterest Nightmare #001: The Nightmares That Started Them All… 



Pinterest Nightmare #744: Think Before You Ink is another one of my favorites. It’s all about people and their tattoo mistakes love.  Check out some of the pics and The Dose Girls’ reactions below…


The Dose Girls’ reaction…



The Dose Girls’ reaction…

I can’t stop laughing as I create this post! Hysterical! I won’t even begin talking about the Meggings.


Kate at Another Clean Slate is another blogger that makes me bust a gut all the time. She is not even trying to go for a laugh. She just blogs about her everyday life. I live vicariously through her. Kate has a large circle of friends in various parts of the country, so there is always an engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, wedding, and baby shower for her to attend. That she has to travel to. And there’s always a story to go with it–a belly laugh story. How she manages to have a full-time job, go to happy hour with her local friends, spend quality time with her boyfriend, devour books, AND BLOG–I’ll never know.

There’s the time she was thisclose to ending another couple’s relationship accidently. Read all about it in her post, The Case Of The Missing Underwear. Someone had the nerve to tell her to “go suck jet fuel” at a Brad Paisley concert. Read about that here.

I stalk her blog a lot (uh oh, my secret is out). Stalk=read her posts and don’t leave a comment, because I don’t think my input will be adequate enough. And then there are the posts that probably aren’t supposed to be funny, but you think, “That could only happen to Kate!” Like the time when she ALMOST had to go to the ER in That One Time When… and the time she actually did go to the ER in When It Rains, It Pours. There’s no doubt as to why she’s been nominated for a Liebster Award 17 times and the Very Inspiring Blogger Award 4 times.

Which blogs give you a belly laugh? Why?
Are you a fan of The Dose Of Reality and/or Another Clean Slate?
Do you stalk blogs or always comment on posts you read?

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