Top 2 Ways I Make Money With My Blog

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There are many debates over whether or not bloggers should monetize their blog and why. It was always my intent to monetize Being A Wordsmith and I have no qualms about saying that. I am happy to share some of the ways I do it with you. However I still believe that content is king when blogging.


1. Sponsored Tweets–I earn money with this program more frequently than the others. It’s a quick, fun way to advertise brands for pay from your Twitter account.

  • Advertisers send you an offer with required elements, links, and hash tags.
  • You compose the tweet, send it to them for approval, and they submit it from your Twitter account shortly after.
  • The template on the website does most of the work, but the content is created by you.
  • Your Twitter account needs to be at least 60 days old, have a minimum of 50 followers, and 100 tweets sent out already.
  • You can sign up here with my referral link or click on the banner above.

My experience: I started earning .10 per tweet 5 months ago and am now earning .93 per tweet. I also earn various percentages for 7 people I referred.

Tip: The amount you can charge for each tweet increases as your Twitter followers and Sponsored Tweets increases. You will need to check the amount and change it, because you are not notified when it increases. 



2. Sverve–I have earned the most money with this program. Sverve has similarities to Pinterest.

  • Bloggers can “pin” their posts to their Sverve profile with a bookmarklet under 1 or more of 5 areas of influence they create by name. Therefore posts need “pinnable” images. The “pins” are called Tips.
  • You can also follow other bloggers and add their Tips to your profile page.
  • Your scoring depends on Social Influence (your Facebook Fan Page Likes and your Twitter followers), Blog Influence (Alexa ranking, Google page rank, unique visitors, page views), and Sverve Influence (endorsements on your areas of influence by other Sverve members).
  • You can apply for campaigns from advertisers to write sponsored posts on your blog. There are a variety of ways to be compensated based on the advertiser’s preference.
  • The higher your score, the more campaigns you are accepted for.
  • You can sign up at and endorse me by clicking the badge above.

My experience: My score started in the low teens and is at 48 currently. My 5 areas of influence are Organization, Healthy Recipes, New Orleans Attractions, TV Reviews, and Blogging Tips. I have been compensated with cash deposits from $5 to $50, discount codes to share with readers, and free advertising.

Tip:  Think carefully about the areas of influence you create–5 is the limit–because you can’t edit them later. You can only delete them and create a new one. You will lose any endorsements you have if you delete them.


There are several other ways that I monetize my blog, but the two above are the top 2 ways.

Do you monetize your blog? If so, how?
How do you attract readers other than monetization?
Do you have male readers? If so, how did you come into contact with them?

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