Ghosts of Halloweens Past

We moved into our current home on October 31, 2009 after a year or so in an apartment. The Deuce was 2 years old. The last thing on my mind was Halloween that stressful day. But like true Ward and June Cleaver/Ozzie and Harriet Nelson, our new neighbors to the left invited us over for a Halloween celebration. My neighbor on the right showed up with a platter of Rice Krispy Treats. I was like WTH! This doesn’t really happen, right? Welcome back to the suburbs!

Other than New Years’ Eve, Halloween is the biggest celebration in our subdivision we soon learned. Everyone is out and about trick-or-treating in their finest costumes. The Deuce had no costume that first year, but still racked up with a large, borrowed, brown paper bag. Go Deuce! 

For his school Halloween Costume party and parade this year, The Deuce and his peers are dressing as community helpers. The occupations that they are learning about. He wants to dress up like a Policeman.  Okay, I can pull that together from the millions of things in your toy chest. Love the idea!

For his traditional-walk-around-the-subdivision Halloween costume, he wants to be Superman–with muscles and no belt and Speedos. I’m working on that. Much better than the year when I looked for a costume ON THE DAY OF HALLOWEEN. Attention New Parents: DON’T SHOP FOR A HALLOWEEN  COSTUME ON OCTOBER 31st! Not wise, the popular ones are all gone. Then you have to convince your child that the one you bought him is the best one this year.

Which Halloween memories do you have to share?

Which Halloween costume was your favorite/your child’s favorite?

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