I FINALLY PUBLISHED MY BOOK aka Why I Changed My About Page


I finished writing my book, Acting On Her Behalf, and I published it. For real! No more crying wolf. It’s done. It’s LIVE. It’s available on Amazon.com. The #1 reason why I began this blog finally came to fruition 9 months later–much like a baby. I gave birth, y’all!

I started using an editorial calendar last weekend for my blog. I wrote down 5 potential posts on the calendar for this week, drafted and scheduled 4 of them, and stared at the final and 5th one all week as I plowed through my manuscript. The 5th potential post was this one–the announcement that I had published my book on Amazon. I believed and I received.

Being A Wordsmith took on a life of its own this year. It motivated me to write daily. Drafts, ideas, posts, random thoughts, the completion of this novel. I have been more inspired than you know to continue writing. Thank you fellow bloggers for pushing me to heights that I only dreamed that I could soar to. I’m flying now.


What did I do first when I knew it was a done deal?

I cried like a baby as I read the final chapter out loud. I had lived with these characters for 16 years. I knew them, I felt them, I breathed life into them. After I pressed SUBMIT, I got on my knees and I thanked God for giving me the strength and the focus to complete this task THIS WEEK. I finally believed in myself and my vision for this project THIS WEEK. And it all came together.

Acting On Her Behalf is the story of Colby Crenshaw, a beautiful TV and film actress, who is arrested on live television for killing her longtime best friend, Sharon Darcy. Sharon had lots of secrets that are revealed as Colby finds herself in jail awaiting trial.

Malcolm Morrow, a high profile Beverly Hills attorney, comes to Colby’s aid to defend her against the devastating charges. They are immediately attracted to each other despite the unusual circumstances. Malcolm becomes more determined than ever to exonerate Colby when her highly publicized arrest has friends and family turning against her. Colby is tested as her world crumbles around her. Malcolm may be Colby’s only chance at regaining her life and her freedom while Acting On Her Behalf.

Download it here on your Kindle App, Kindle Device, or reading application. Enjoy!

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