Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

12 thoughts on “iTunes U…Who Knew? Did You?

  1. WOW…who knew, surely not me!! Thanks so much for this info Kimberly! I'm so going over to check it out now! That's what I LOVE about blogging…your blogging friends share GREAT INFO! Thanks again…have a great week!
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  2. You know, I've seen this but never looked into it! I thought it was all music related. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Kimberly. I will check it out more closely now that I know what it's about.
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  3. So unaware! Great share by way of the hubs. I love learning and free learning is right up my alley. I'll check out some marketing courses.

  4. Very cool! No I had no idea! I might want to take a writing class too! Thanks for sharing!
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  5. I first heard about this a few years ago, but being in school at the time, I had no interest in taking on more school in my free time. Now that pretty much all my time is free, I'm much more interested to go back and see what classes are available! I really love to learn! Thanks for the reminder!
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  6. This is so neat. I didn't know they offered this. I'm definitely looking forward to checking them out. I'd like to learn some blog technology stuff. Thanks for sharing Kim
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