I’ve Got Sunshine (In My Temptations Voice)

I have been fortunate enough to be nominated for a Sunshine Award by Mo from Mocadeaux. Check out her blog. She’ll delight you with posts about being a Chicago gal living in the fabulous wine country of California. She participated in my September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge


She gave me permission to break the traditional rules of the Sunshine Award nomination. Mo writes, “Maybe you just want to do the questions and not forward the ten nominations. That is A-OK. This is not a chain letter and no curse will befall you, I promise. Participate as much or as little as you want.”

So here are my answers to Mo’s questions for me…

  1. Where were you born? Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  2. Do you prefer romantic comedies or suspense thrillers? Suspense thrillers, but I am enjoying romantic comedies more now than I once did
  3. What is your favorite sport (to watch or to participate in)? I have enjoyed participating in Golf Scrambles and I’d like to take up Tennis again. The only sport I enjoy watching is Saints Football. Who Dat!
  4. What is your favorite sound? Cha-ching!
  5. Coke or Pepsi? Pepsi
  6. Do you have a special talent? Creative writing
  7. PC or Mac? Fortunately I can have both via Boot Camp
  8. What is your favorite vacation spot? Anywhere with a beach
  9. Do you collect anything? Bills. I just can’t get rid of those suckers!
  10. If you could instantly be an expert in any field, what would it be? I wish I could be an expert in negotiating

Now’s your turn, BAW readers. Answer the same 10 questions in the comments below.

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