Scandal Season 3 Scoop and Spoiler Alerts

Scandal is back tonight on ABC at 10/9 CST. 

Are you ready?

Of course, you are. You have been waiting all Summer! 


To help you get in gear (like you need any help), let’s recap a few things from Scandal‘s Season 2 Finale…

  • Olivia and President Fitz broke things off for the 100th time
  • Fitz literally crawled back to his First Lady Mellie afterward
  • Jake was thrown in the hole like Huck by B613
  • Olivia tried to go for a run and was greeted by a swarm of news reporters asking about her affair with Fitz
  • Then Olivia was swept into a limousine where she came face-to-face with Rowan, head of B613, and… 

…uttered the word heard
’round the world


And then the world reacted like this…



A few months ago in an earlier post on TV show scoop, I shared that Scott Foley, who plays Jake Ballard, will be a series regular this season. 

Will he spend the entire time in that hole? Or get out and hook up with Olivia again?


Here is the scoop they shared about the new season…

  • Only 22 minutes will have passed since the end of Season 2 and the beginning of Season 3.
  • Viewers will learn who outed Olivia as Fitz’s mistress in the first episode.
  • Olivia’s team of Gladiators will question whether or not they are on board with fixing the fallout of the affair.
  • Joe Morton, who plays Byron Rowan aka Olivia Pope’s daddy, will be a recurring character during Season 3. 
  • Olivia’s past will be exposed and the details will be shocking.
  • A tsunami will hit town and flood The White House.
  • Season 3 will be filled with flashbacks–some giving us the 411 on Harrison’s past. 



I ask you again…ARE YOU READY?


What shocking things do you think we’ll learn about Olivia’s past? Harrison’s past? 
Will Olivia learn what her daddy was up to? 
Who do you think blew the whistle on Olivia and Fitz’s affair? 
Are you Team Olivia or Team Mellie?

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