14 thoughts on “Television Tuesday: Ironside and The Michael J. Fox Show

  1. Well you know I don't watch tv but I always loved Michael J Fox back in the 80s. I might have to check it out!
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  2. I don't know anything about old or new Ironside, but you've inspired me to check out the pilot show. I love Blair, dang 49…. That brother has aged phenomenally!

  3. I hadn't actually heard of the new Ironside series until Blair Underwood made a guest appearance on Kelly and Michael last week. I think NBC has done a really poor job of promoting it, especially compared to all the work they have been doing to promote their other new shows, and that's what caused the low ratings. The segment that I saw looked good, so I may check it out. On the other hand, the Michael J Fox Show has been programmed in my DVR for weeks now! I've been a fan of Michael's since I was a little girl, so I was thrilled to see him star in his own show again. I really am enjoying the show so far, and I loved the episode featuring Tracy! It's just a fun show that further illustrates the kind of person Michael J Fox really is- a fun-loving family man who, even in the midst of his disease, doesn't take himself too seriously.
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    1. Some people are weirded out about MJF bringing his real life into his reel life. Why not? He's obviously having a ball. Super talented! I say if people can't handle it, they shouldn't watch it. Thanks, Mandi.
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  4. I used to see the old Ironside series with Raymond Burr, so when I saw that Blair was going to be in it, I said I might check it out. The purists from back in the day are so critical of it it's not funny! I still want to see it! It might be my only show (until Haves and Have Nots comes back on).
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  5. I did watch Ironside. Can you believe it? I sat down Saturday night to see what my husband had on Tivo and decided to watch it. I took my laptop to the sofa like I was going to multi-task and then didn't even open it. It was good. I was a Family Ties fan but MJ was not my favorite character on the show. I started liking him when he did the Back to the Future movies and Doc Hollywood. I'm glad he's back. I'll go online to check out the episode where Tracey makes a cameo.
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  6. I thought the 3rd episode of Michael J Fox was much funnier than the first two!
    I did not know that Spencer Grammer was in Ironside, LOVED her in Greek, so I'll have to check it out!

    1. The third episode of MJFS had a confessional element. That wasn't in the first two episodes. I liked that new addition. Thanks, Heather.
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