10 Sure Signs That You Are a Mom



10 sure signs that you are a mom by Being A Wordsmith



1. You call other people’s kids “baby”, “honey”, or “sweetheart”.

2. You lick your finger before wiping something off your husband/companion’s face.

3. Your name is called the moment you close the bathroom door.

4. You possess a look that can stop people instantly in their tracks.

5. You have a large supply of recycled birthday and Christmas gift bags featuring cartoon characters, Santa, and superheroes.

6. Your Pinterest boards titled DIY, Fun Stuff, and Recipes are filled with things that a child would love.

7. You have said, “She’s not here,” when your name is called for the 50th time that day.

8. You could win a game show based on the Nickelodeon and Disney TV shows, characters, and theme songs.

9. The last 3 movies that you went to see at the theater were Rated G.

10. You purposely lose points on the Wii Michael Jackson Experience game, even though you have known the moves for 20+ years.


What is a sure sign that you are a mom?

Does your mother or any mothers you know exemplify any of these 10 signs?


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