How Your Pinterest Boards Can Attract Attention

how pinterest boards attention

Are you looking for more followers for your Pinterest boards?

More re-pinners?

Traffic for your blog?

No matter the reason, everyone loves to have their Pinterest boards viewed.  Here are a few tips to attract attention to yours…


1. Add hashtags to the pin descriptions

Change the text in the description box of your pins to includes hashtags. This elevates your pin in searches. The hashtag becomes clickable and lets users see your applicable pin more than others.


Pinterest description screenshot


2. Pin the same item to more than one of your boards

This is another way to elevate your pin in searches. Place your pin on different boards. Your DIY Halloween Costume pin can be placed on your Halloween board, DIY board, and Holiday board. Viewers seeking pins may not be looking at or following all of your boards. This tip creates more exposure.


3. Create group boards

Because I am a huge fan of the Young & The Restless, I have a Pinterest board dedicated to it. And so do many other pinners. I turned my Y&R board into a group board (aka community board) so other fans can pin to it also. This increases traffic and re-pins. In order for someone to pin to your group board, you must be following each other and you have to edit the settings of that board to invite them. The invitee will then receive a notification to accept. You can spot group boards quickly by the group icon in the corner. You will still be the only person that can delete pins, change board settings, and delete users.

pinterest pin screenshot

4. Have some Maybe-Not-Your-Fave-But-Popular pins

Step outside of your comfort zone and pin some popular items that you may not be particularly interested in. Because guess what? Someone else will be interested in it.


5. Place a popular board on your blog sidebar

My most popular Pinterest board is my Scandal board. If you are a Scandalholic and/or a Gladiator, you know why. I frequently add new pins to the board to generate re-pins. I also placed the board on my blog’s sidebar so readers can see it. To place one on your site, go to the Pinterest Widget Builder here. Be sure to enter the specific URL for your board and then click Build It! You can tweak the sizes with the Advanced Options feature. The widget builder has other showcasing features for your site too.



traffic jam button 350 new

How do you attract attention to your Pinterest boards?

What are your favorite things to pin? To look at?

How many boards do you have?





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