Must-Have Qualities For Your Blog Posts

I cannot believe that I have been blogging for almost a year. The things that I have learned are bountiful. I think that I have come a long way. Here are some things that I have learned to consider when drafting a post. 

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Pinnable images


Inserting images in your posts give readers a visual insight for your content. It breaks up the text, yet ties the post together. As a BAW reader, you probably know my fascination with Pinterest. Especially as of late.


I try to incorporate images in my posts that signal its content when viewed on Pinterest boards. And makes for a great thumbnail for my blog and for uploading posts to linky parties. PicMonkey is my “go-to” site for creating images that stand out. It’s great for simple banners or to give a personal photo a little something extra.


generates income


I have written sponsored posts as well as partnered with a number of affiliate and referral programs. I would do many more, but I choose programs that fall into my niche and I can relate to. I may tweet about dog and cat food ads, but I don’t write posts about it–because I don’t have pets.


I have posted previously about the Blogelina online blogging classes that I have taken. And how I transferred my blog from Blogger to WordPress with that site. I inserted referral links in my posts for readers to use if they wanted to do the same. I have had some success with sales due to this. This applies to my posts about making money too.


meets a need


Even with my television review posts, I see a need being met–because the people want to know! LOL. But seriously, I enjoy sharing things that I have learned and witnessed in blogland with others. Most of the knowledge that I have acquired has been from seeing and reading and THEN doing. So I pass it on. Let’s face it. Most bloggers love reading posts about how to be better bloggers. Am I right?


In this universe of evolving technology, there are always new things sprouting. Then we have to figure out how to utilize it. How do you do that? You read a post that educates you on it. Spread some of what you know around.


falls in your niche


Many new bloggers are unclear as to what they should write about. I was. However I always heard the phrase in my head, “Write about what you know.” And that’s what I do. But I try to keep it within my Happier, Healthier, and Wiser motto. From that stems posts about entertainment, blogging tips and tools, rigged recipes, productivity tips, and how I balance it all as a WAHM.


As I said before, I don’t have pets therefore I cannot blog about them. There’s jumping out of your comfort zone and then there’s jumping off a cliff. Consistency is also important for readers visiting your site.


share worthy


Ask yourself if your post will make a great tweet, Facebook post, Sverve tip, or Pin(terest). How about all four? Sure, you will share the post to promote it.

But will readers feel the urge to do it as well?

Not as part of a giveaway, linky party, or other incentive. Simply because the post is something that they can’t keep to themselves.

These are the must-have qualities that I consider when writing my posts. I make sure that they possess at least 1 of them before I hit PUBLISH. 


What would you add to this list?

How often do you share posts by other bloggers?

How do you share your posts?

What is your niche?

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