My momma dogged my blog theme and other things I’m thankful for this year

I don’t like your new blog!


In my last post, I warned everyone that I would be making some changes to the layout of my blog. I was experimenting with colors, sidebar items, etc. I have always wanted to showcase my content and have the sidebar items complement it. Last night I was talking to my mother on the phone. Out of the blue, she says, “I don’t like your new blog!” Just like that. Momma doesn’t hold her tongue about much. My mouth fell open. Coincidentally I was in front of my laptop replying to comments. I looked at the layout as she continued to tell me what she didn’t like about it.


It looks too commercial. It’s not personal looking like it was before. I can’t follow it. There’s too much stuff going on. I can’t find your old posts. Are you advertising other blogs on your site? I clicked on something and I was reading someone else’s blog. Do you get paid for that?


My eyes were darting all over the screen trying to see it as she saw it. I tried to defend myself to her, but as I did–I realized that she was right. So I changed the theme back to the simple, clean, colorful one that I chose when I first switched to WordPress. I was trying to make my blog design different when it was fine the way that it was. Thank you for your honest opinion, Momma. Your advice has always been appreciated even when I didn’t want to hear it. I’ll be enjoying smoked turkey and all the fixings tomorrow with my extended family. The forecast has temps in the 30s in New Orleans!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Be safe.


Have you ever received unsolicited advice that served you well?

Who is the voice of reason in your life?

Are you planning to partake in the Black Friday sales this year?

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