Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

22 thoughts on “My momma dogged my blog theme and other things I’m thankful for this year

  1. LOL! I always tell my kids, that I am always right, so they should just get used to it! LOL! No way I ventured anywhere near any Black Friday shopping. Stayed comfy in my recliner! Thanks for sharing at the Show Off weekend party! Have a great rest of the week!

  2. Oh I know what you mean. I can always tell when my mum doesn’t like something I’ve written. It’s good to have people in our lives that give us honest opinions. No other blogger would get in our comment box and do what our parents do for us so bluntly. Your site looks awesome the way it is right now 🙂

  3. Funny about your mom and her comments. I like the way the blog looks (and I liked it before!). Good that you knew your mom meant her comments in a nice way!

    1. Thanks Kim! My mother has always been a big supporter of mine. We are both the oldest child. And both are Virgos–very detail-oriented.

  4. LOL, this is so awesome! Hey, feedback is feedback, right? It’s so true that sometimes we go by what we want and like and don’t think a lot about what our blog’s audience would like or need. That’s what should matter most!

    Glad to meet your from SITS Saturday ShareFest 🙂

  5. Your mother was straight to the point. We can count on them to give it to us that way. I actually did get some last weekend. The mister was like, you are being to fun and talking about your activities all the time….When is the last time you ended your post with your tag line?

    Face palm….he was right! I jumped on the defensive initially but, I had to listen. I am not sure why I got out of the habit but that is the entire point to inspire people to Live healthy, active and prosperous lifestyles!

    1. Like you said recently, “your blog is your baby”. And that’s how I feel. So your first response is to defend it. But…good advice cannot be denied. I had to check my own self on not do enough happier, healthier, and wiser references. We get comfortable, girl.

  6. LOL. My Mom is the same way. She doesn’t have a problem critiquing my work. In fact, she prides herself in how well she can spot the problems and offer advice. It’s all good.

    1. I love when my mother says, “I’m not trying to tell you what to do, you’re grown but…”
      Thanks, Darlene.

  7. Oh wow, Momma wasn’t playing huh? LOL! As Alison stated, Momma knows best! We may not always want to listen to it, but ultimately they’re only looking out for us. I hope you had a very good Thanksgiving!

  8. Momma knows best, Kimberly! My back tends to go up when I get unsolicited advice but depending on the source, I might listen. I’d listen to my mom, even though I might catch feelings at the beginning.

    I’m sitting out the Black Friday madness. The most I’ll do is go drop some letters in the mailbox at the foot of the road and go to Kinkos to laminate something. The madness… I just can’t, girl. Old age, I guess. And unwillingness to part with even more of my money under the guise of a “good deal”!

    1. IKR! At first, I was like OMG did she just diss my blog theme?! Then a light bulb went on and I surrendered. Willingly. She’s always supported me, Kate. I couldn’t disagree in the end.

  9. LOL, I’ll be quiet now. I don’t write filler posts anymore just to be blogging. When I did have a few fillers in a row my daddy said, “What’s going on with your blog. It’s boring.” I was mad at him temporarily but it blew over. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

    1. The ironic thing is my mother reads my blog every other week not daily like my father. But she has a good eye for things. So…. Happy Thanksgiving, girl!

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