20 thoughts on “Mastering My Master Bedroom Closet (Part 1 of 2)

  1. I really need to organize our closet. We moved into our new house in January and I just threw the clothes in any ole kind of way to get everything unpacked. And I never went back and organzied! It would help so much if I just got to it! And I really need to get rid of all of the wire hangers. They do no good!

    1. We have moved many times in the last 11 years. That brought on a lot of clutter that we just moved from place to place to place. I cringe when I see things that I have not gone through since 2002. But I’m focused now. Thanks, LaShawn!

  2. Hi Kimberly!
    Two weeks ago I organized my closet by colors. It ended up being really functional, is helping me find the perfect color combinations easily, plus the closet looks prettier than ever. Your tips are great, I need to clean the carpet one of these days.
    BTW I’m so jealous with your walk-in bedroom closet. Lucky you!

    1. It’s so overdue. And my mother pointed out recently some things that she would do if it were her closet. Eye opening!

    1. I walk away quite a bit too, Cara. That’s why it’s in the shape that it is now. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. I think if I get my closet completely organized, I could wait a year too before having to do it again. I simply need to stop using it as a storage space.

  3. I definitely a donate. The little ones grow so fast that I clean the closets and dressers at least twice a year and bring any of the clothes that don’t fit to our local thrift store

    1. I’m with you on that one, Jamie. My 6 year old outgrows pants all the time. He has a small frame, so he can wear shirts for a long time. But he gets taller overnight it seems.

  4. I love organising my closet, it’s when my inner librarian comes out! I’ve got these really nifty hanging racks if that makes sense, so one half of my closet has hanging shelves that makes it a lot easier to keep things tidy.
    And YES I hate wire hangers too ghah! Ban the things!

  5. I’m a shredder but it piles up and I sit at the shredder for like 30 minutes running stuff through. Wire hangers aggravate me and it’s tough finding somewhere to take them. Nobody wants them.

    I donate to our local Macon Rescue Mission twice a year. My closet still seems ridiculously packed!

    1. How can your closet seemed packed with that bonus room you have for “organizing” your outfits? I actually throw my wire hangers away.

  6. It sure feels good to clean out or reorganize a closet but I usually can’t get motivated to do it unless I am moving. Then I bag up clothes and shoes, bring them to my church, and set up a new plan of organization for the closet in my new home.
    Love the idea of masks to protect my lungs from dust!

    1. It’s ironic that you mentioned moving. I have so much clutter because we have moved so many times in the last 11 years. But we are set now. So I am purging, purging, purging. Thanks, Mo!

  7. I’m sort of anal about my (fine – our, since I share with my husband) closet. I grew up with wire hangers but about 10 years ago switched to plastic – color coded for each family member (I have issues!!) so my stuff should never be on a blue (or green or black) hanger – only white for mine. Anyway – I love my walk-in closet – the day that Chris came home (after I did some organizing) and said, “It looks like a purse/shoe store in here” was a very happy day!!!
    And, yes, we shred stuff – Chris might have a few issues, too!!!

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