5 Time Saver Tools for Facebook

Facebook is one of my favorite forms of social media. Personally and professionally. But I can get sucked into a time vacuum when I log on sometimes.

I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Not only do I want to see what everyone is doing and saying on Facebook, I also want to connect with my readers and prospective book buyers on my fan pages.

So how can someone do that without losing 2 hours of their valuable time?


5 time saver tools fb

I currently have 2 Facebook fan pages in addition to my personal page. Here is what I do to stay in the loop on fb, yet still manage my time wisely while doing so.



pages manager app


The Facebook Pages Manager app for your mobile device is a huge time saver. I have an iPhone and downloaded it from the iTunes App Store. It is available for Androids and other devices as well. This app allows you to check your fan page activity as well as post and respond as the fan page administrator. It takes the worry out of trying to switch from your personal fb page to your fb fan page so you can post accordingly. The bonus for this app is being able to switch between multiple fan pages if you manage more than one like I do. I have my app set for new activity alerts also. 



pages manager app




notifications icon for fb



Whenever I log on to Facebook (mobile or PC), I click the NOTIFICATIONS icon to view the most recent activity for my page. The NOTIFICATIONS icon is featured on personal pages and fan pages. The screenshot below shows the icon represented by a world map as depicted on a PC for my newest fan page, Acting On Her Behalf.

fb notifications2


When you click on the NOTIFICATIONS icon, you can view a drop down list of new activity for your page or related pages you designate. You can see a snippet of recent comments, friend requests accepted or LIKES, and other miscellaneous interactions. This gives you a bird’s eye view of the latest activity without having to scroll through your NEWS FEED or TIMELINE. To view more or less notifications, edit your SETTINGS.


activity log button

Recently I have been using the ACTIVITY LOG button on my personal page. It’s a perfect time saver for going back to activity that you want to explore more.


activity log icon


It gives you a breakdown of your LIKE activity, comments you posted, changes you made to your profile, etc. complete with links. Can’t remember which old friend you wished a Happy Birthday last week that had some neat quotes on their timeline? This is where you find it. What I especially like about the log is how it shows all the SHARES you have done on fb. Click YOUR POSTS and voila–they’re all there!  It’s like Pinterest for Facebook.


messenger app for fbThe Facebook Messenger App is another great mobile app. Available via iTunes App Store, for Androids, and other devices. This is a great tool for communicating quickly with personal acquaintances whose mobile number you don’t have. Or for sending out a group message–EVEN to contacts you are not connected to on fb. This separate app keeps all of your message correspondence in one place and gives you easy access to past communication.



link fan page

This fifth tool is a time saver for your new and future contacts more so than for you. As you may know, facebook fan page LIKES are only calculated by LIKES given from a personal Facebook page. Therefore, the “personal LIKE” is encouraged. However if the person giving the new LIKE does not have their fan page link listed on their personal page, it can be very difficult for the favor to be returned. I try my best to LIKE the fan page of everyone who did so for me. But I have encountered many people that I could not do that for because their fan page information was unobtainable. You can link up your fan page(s) to your personal page by editing the ABOUT section on your personal page. This directs prospective new LIKES to the applicable fan page. I recently updated my personal ABOUT section as shown below.


about fanpage link




Did you find these 5 tools helpful?

What would you add to this list?

How many fb fan pages do you have?


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