I Gave It a Thumbs Up Until It Gave Me the Middle Finger



In the last year, I have made a conscious effort to show some of my favorite childhood movies to The Deuce. I just knew he would love them as much as I did. And although I clearly remember how much enjoyment they brought me, I somehow FORGOT the adult themes that many of them have.

Until…I began to watch them with him.


A Christmas Story

This classic American film from 1983 is played on television every year during the Christmas season. Many times in 24 hour marathon stretches. I was not concerned about the BB gun playing such a huge role in the movie or the “sexy leg” lamp. I knew that my then 5 year old would hear the message about how the BB gun could “shoot your eye out” and he would laugh sheepishly at the lamp. 


What I forgot:  The words “smart ass” and “Son of a B#$%&” are used frequently by kids and adults in the movie. The famous scene where Ralphie says the F word, but is portrayed as Fuuuuuuuuuudddgge, sounds way more like the real F word than I remembered it being. And The Deuce thought so too!



The Karate Kid

The initial 1984 release is still my favorite of the whole Karate Kid franchise. This year I didn’t mind The Deuce seeing the scenes which depict violence in the film because of the great message the movie has overall. And I was OK with the lovey dovey teenage stuff because it’s minor.


What I forgot:  The adults and kids in the movie frequently say “ass”, “sh–“, “bullsh–“, and “bast—“.  And there was use of marijuana in a scene at the high school dance. Although the latter was too “advanced” for a 6 year old to comprehend. My 6 year old anyway.



The Goonies

This was the movie from my childhood that I was most excited to share with him. With all its action-packed antics, I knew The Deuce would love it. Every time I checked the DirecTV listings, it was unavailable or cost money. Finally a few weeks ago, The Deuce saw a free showing of it coming up. Like The Karate Kid, I wasn’t concerned about the teenage lovey dovey stuff. Or the bumbling crooks in the Fratelli family. Or the abundance of skeletons–it is after all a story about long ago pirates.


What I forgot:  At the home of one of the boys in the movie, a statue of a nude male is accidentally knocked over and the…ummm…genitalia is broken. Two of the boys argue over how to fix it because…


It’s my mom’s favorite part!


They frantically try to put it back on–once upside down–then right side up… You get the picture. The Deuce thought it was hysterical. He attempted to make a smart remark before I put my hand over his mouth and mine.

I also forgot…

Although the Fratellis’ behavior is all kinds of ridiculous, they did kill a man and put his body in a freezer. The bad language is the combination of A Christmas Story and The Karate Kid. And Corey Feldman’s character who is supposed to be translating instructions to the Spanish-speaking maid, purposely fools her into thinking her employers have sexual torture devices and drugs stashed all over the house. This plays out in English subtitles on the screen for my advanced little reader to say out loud. But I don’t think he got it. 🙂



Adventures in Babysitting

This was on my can’t-wait-to-show-him list right behind The Goonies. Another action-packed classic comedy thriller with a cast starring kids. From the ’80s, 1987 to be exact. I knew about the imminent danger lurking around every corner. What’s a little harmless peril, right? And I was still OK with the lovey dovey teenage stuff. (I see a pattern here.)

Except I forgot…

a 15 year old boy taunts his younger sister by saying that her hero, Thor, is a homosexual (but he left off the “suffix” sexual). The Deuce then asked me what a hobo was–because that’s what he heard–HOBO. I breathed a sigh of relief and said,


A homeless man who carries his belongings in a ‘kerchief tied to a stick. 


In keeping with my rampant amnesia, I also forgot…the language is that of all three aforementioned films rolled into one with an added bonus of the F word twice. No–not fudge. Ralphie did not make a cameo in this movie.


Have you seen these classic movies?

Would you watch them with your young child or teenager?

What is your favorite childhood movie?

How do/did you handle questions about adult themes with your children?  Young family members or mentees?




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