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  1. The Karate Kid (the first one) is one of the movies at the top of my list of old favorites! 🙂
    We literally spoke about this same thing a few weeks ago! Something old was showing on tv, and I told my husband it made me realize that so many of the movies we loved as kids are actually not appropriate for kids. Makes me kinda sad, because I’d love to share them with my little person, but I think there’s quite a wait before we can even think of watching them together. #ShowMeYours

  2. These are some of my all time faves!

    All of these movies seemed super innocent to me back in the day. Truth be told, they’re probably still tame next to today’s flicks. Can’t we just rewind time?

    Off to find some of these great movies to rewatch! 🙂

    #Showmeyours loves that you linked up!

  3. That’s hilarious! My perspective is as long as we remind them that ugly words are a no no and we tweak the words a bit it’s not a big deal. My 21 year old survived lol and we had very laid back rules. She was allowed to say butt for a** dang for damn cheese n crackers for s***. We tried to keep it light and the f word was and is still not acceptable though now it’s a little tougher at her age but she cooperates with her mom sometimes:) keep sharing your memories years from now you can both laugh at the colorful stuff you forgot xo:)

  4. Yes, I’m showing up for the Blogelina Commentathon really late and I am sorry for that. Life has been totally crazy since we had that Ice Storm. I hope you forgive me!

    Now back to your wonderful post…
    I don’t regulate what my kids see and that could be a major downfall. However, in the same token I also feel that my kids are going to see it all around them in real life and if we watch the TV of all kinds together it gives us the chance to answer questions and thoughts that they may have. It also helps us deal with their desire to say/do the wrong things as they try to intimidate them.
    The ironic thing is most of the time they remember the good things from the movies/shows and not the other stuff especially since to them it’s just common place. I’ve had some really big discussions with my six year old, but he’s taken them in stride and we’ve overcome all of them together. We already have heart to heart talks about relationships, marriage, friendships, sex, drugs, and many other things because they do see it.

    1. Crystal, I am still working through my Commentathon list too! And have been so embarrassed to say that’s where I’m visiting from when I comment because I’m so late on it. Kudos to you for keeping it real! LOL You’re right, inappropriate things are around kids all the time. I try to explain as much as I can to my son when he asks about those things. He should hear it from me rather than someone else. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I love all of those movies that bring back memories of my youth and one of my first movie crushes. I thought the boy from Adventures in Babysitting was cute. I didn’t realize there was so much language. I guess I didn’t notice it much before becoming a parent.

    1. You notice so much more as a parent. I had a big crush on Eric Stoltz when he was in Some Kind of Wonderful. Thanks Faith!

  6. I remember there was a change in the ratings system after many of these movies came out, along with the creation of PG-13.
    Now, I grew up with these movies and don’t really remember freaking out about any of them, but now, hearing the ‘F’ word every ten minutes annoys me. LOL.
    I guess there is a double standard.

    1. I just left a comment for someone earlier about the PG-13 rating. I remember that so vividly. Movies do use the ‘F’ word entirely too much. It’s like…alright already. We get it! Thanks for stopping by.

    1. I think it’s all the kitschy stuff and the dialogue that makes people like A Christmas Story. Thanks for commenting, Jennifer.

  7. I’m with a couple of other people — I have never been able to sit through the entire movie, I think it’s so awful. I cannot see what people love about that movie. Anyway, we have watched a few “older-kid” movies with our 8- and 6-yr olds, like Field of Dreams and Miracle. We just told them that they were going to hear some words that weren’t appropriate, but if we ever heard them say them, they were going to be in trouble. 🙂

  8. I remember watching a movie with my then 10 year old daughter. The couple in the movie was obviously about to get ummm….busy and before I could change the channel, my DD says “Mom, should I turn it off or just learn from it?”

    1. Ha! OMG! If my son walks in on a scene like that, he starts saying “Oh yeah!” and singing “Bom chicka wah wah”. Where do they pick up this stuff? Thanks Annette!

  9. It is shocking really, the words we overlook in movies, isn’t it! Movies for children these days have such adult themes to them, as do the cartoons. Sponge Bob is all adult content. A Christmas Story is also one of our family favorites, never miss it. You have brought attention to an important parenting situation. I grew up watching Leave It To Beaver, and Ed Sullivan. Times are not changing, they have already changed.

    1. I’ve noticed that about Sponge Bob too. I was also floored to hear some very inappropriate content on Adult Swim which is on the Cartoon Network. Why in the world is that show on that network?

    1. It was one of my son’s favorites because he has become obsessed with Karate lately. Thanks Kyisha.

  10. Oh my! I completely agree with this post. I am ashamed to admit I’ve never watched the Karate Kid, but I have definitely seen A Christmas Story. I can think of several films that I watched as a child (ANY of the National Lampoon movies), then saw later on and was like WHAT?!!!! I had no idea how dirty they were as a child haha. I’d let me children watch a Christmas Story. It’s relatively mild… Thank you for a great post!!

    1. Someone else mentioned their horror at seeing the uncensored version of National Lampoon’s Vacation. I’ve felt that way about some songs. You hear it on the radio and don’t know any better until you hear the CD version. Thanks Liz!

  11. Oh my goodness! Yes! I totally forgot how inappropriate these movies are too! I actually am surprised at the language in some of the earlier Disney movies too! I have really young kids and I am very protective of what they watch…thanks for the reminders that they are still too young for these movies in my opinion 🙂

    1. I am thrilled that my son is at an age where he will actually sit still long enough to watch an entire movie. Thanks Tanya.

  12. I love all three of these movies, and think I would have no problem showing a child–after all, my parents were pretty open with me growing up.
    Now, my favorite movie from this ‘age’ was Sixteen Candles–there is nudity and lets not forget Jake Ryan (best male character of all time) basically handing off his extremely drunken/passed out girlfriend to someone he doesn’t really know so he can go off and find the new object of his affection.
    Thank you for the link up post!

    1. I always smile when I hear people swoon over Jake Ryan and Sixteen Candles. Pretty in Pink is my favorite Molly Ringwald movie. Thanks Nicole.

    1. I recently watched an episode of Oprah’s Where Are They Now? and Ralph Macchio was on there. With the exception of some laugh lines, he still looks like a teenager. He has the trophy that he won during the competition for the first Karate Kid and the bandana. He said putting the bandana on was a last minute thing he chose to do in the scene. Glad you like the blog design. Thank you.

  13. It was a strange moment for me when I was sitting with my son watching a show that I used to enjoy as a kid (Trading Places with Dan Akroyd) and suddenly it wasn’t as funny as I was weeding out the inappropriate parts! He on the other hand loved it!

    1. Trading Places. Whoa, that’s a tricky one. It’s one of my father-in-law’s favorites. He says it clearly depicts human behavior when one is put in a new environment. Thanks, Michelle.

  14. Well, just keep in mind that many kid movies are made with adults in mind…because who else is stuck in the movie theater watching these movies? Anyway, great save on the “What’s a hobo?” question!

    1. My husband and I took my son to see The Avengers and Ironman 3. The adult themes were all over the place. The theater is filled with kids naturally and the innuendo is so apparent. Thanks Halina.

  15. I remember my mom being adamantly against us watching those movies, but I know lots of my friends loved them!

    1. I remember when the PG-13 rating came out and my mother would drop me off at the movies. She would make me swear that I was not going to try to get into one of them. But those were the best ones! Thanks Taralyn.

    1. I know that the Monty Python movies are classics, but I have never watched one. I should add that to my long list of ones to watch. Thank you for commenting.

  16. I’m commenting as part of the 50 comment challenge and I just want to say that this is one of the most interesting and entertaining post I’ve read so far. I love all these movies and you brought back a flood of memories. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. That means a lot, Jaclyn. Thank you. This is my 3rd comment challenge and I tried to share something that I thought everyone could relate to even if they don’t have kids. 80s movies always make me nostalgic.

  17. With all of the “new” tv shows for kids the oldies and their remakes seem to be a blessing. I am disgusted by the lack of modesty and the poor acting that popular kids shows teach today, not to mention a complete lack of respect for themselves and others. I am happy to see you are taking the time to watch and learn with your son instead of using the TV as a babysitter like so many of us have been guilty of!

    1. Thanks, Marisa. My son tells me if he hears anything inappropriate too. Hopefully that trait will stick. LOL

  18. I’ve had this movie amnesia with so many of my childhood favorites and looking back I’m shocked my very strict mother let me watch some of these shows. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was one my sister and I loved, and watching it now it’s a bit creepy with the child catcher sniffing out kids.

  19. So funny! And so true. It’s funny how you “forget” some of the things in movies and then you watch them with your kids and YIKES! We had the same experience with The Christmas Story this year.

  20. It’s funny what you see when you view it through someone else’s eyes. Things you never really noticed or overlooked before are suddenly so vivid. I found this very true myself when watching old movies that I always loved with my young nieces & nephews. Saw & heard things with all new eyes & ears. 😀 Excellent post & great food for thought!

    1. Seeing things through children’s eyes and ears is quite an experience. Thank you for stopping by, Marcia.

  21. Absolutely hilarious!!!! I love A Christmas Story. Must be a midwest thing. Hubby grew up on the east coast and never heard of it. I fall out every time the dad cusses those dogs. I’m sure my little ones will survive a few f-bombs on Christmas. I know I did. Great post!

  22. Okay that’s funny and not so funny. We only have a handful of movies that we watch. Anne of Green Gables, Sarah Plain and Tall, and some others I can’t think of right now. Yeah it’s not easy to find kid friendly stuff.

  23. LOL! I have done the same thing – get so excited about sharing one of my favorite movies from when I was a kid only to be mortified to discover the swearing and inneundo. Loved Karate Kid!

    1. The innuendo is over the top these days! Those instances are the ones that I’m grateful my little one doesn’t understand, Tonia.

  24. So many classics! Love them all. My personal fav is “A Christmas Story.” We watch it every year {sometimes two, three times in one month}

    Great post!

    1. A friend of mine just built a media room in her attic. They have the famous leg lamp as a silhouette in the window. It’s hysterical.

  25. Out of all of those, I’ve only seen the Karate Kid. Love the movie, but wouldn’t let my kids watch it. We’re extremely strict about what they can watch though.

  26. This is a great post! I agree with above comments, Uncle Buck!! We just watched it with the kids not that long ago. Another one was Drop Dead Fred! I’ve seen all of the movies you listed- and forgot a lot of those things too. I believe I’ve watch A Christmas Story and the Goonies with the kiddos.

  27. I don’t have kids yet, but these are some of my favorite movies, and as I’ve gotten older I’ve found myself wondering: “Would I show these to my kids?” I watched A Christmas Story and Karate Kid when I was very young, and I do remember being embarrassed when they mentioned the leg lamp and when Daniel kissed his girlfriend. I think it probably depends on each individual child, their age, and the parents values. Good post! Stopping by from Blogelina Commentathon.

    1. Yes, at the end of the day, parents still have to monitor everything a child is exposed to. Thank you, Lisa.

  28. Wow what a great point! In many ways we have become desensitized to bad language. I have a two year old and I only play kid friendly music in the car because I am so scared of what she may hear. I am now at the point where my tvs are always tuned to the Disney channel.

  29. I have had the same experience! You go back and watch a much loved movie (Uncle Buck!) and find that there are all sorts of things that are inappropriate in today’s world (driving without seat belts, lol!) I guess it’s true, you can’t go back! Thanks for sharing ~ I had a great laugh remembering…

    ~ Megin of VMG206

    1. Uncle Buck! Yes, that’s definitely one. The seat belts no one ever wore–my father tells me a story often about how I would stand up while riding in the car as a kid all the time. He said he almost broke his arm trying to shield me once when he had to hit the brakes suddenly. Thank you, Megin.

  30. This is hilarious! I don’t have kids but my husband only has a brother and I only have a sister so I felt like he missed out on some classic childhood movies. We didn’t run into the “adult issues” thing like you did, but we ran into the “omg this is so boring as an adult” issue more often! 😀

  31. I haven’t re-watched any of these movies yet with my littles, but I can totally relate. We’ve re-watched some classic Disney cartoon movies and now that I’m an adult, I totally get the adult stuff. It kind of ruined the movie experience for me. I guess that’s the beauty of being a kid, you still have your innocence. And I totally forgot about the Goonies and body in the freezer part!!!

    1. Funny how we have selective memories of the things we enjoyed once upon a time. Thank you, Jessi.

  32. While my young lady isn’t even a year yet, I’ve always wondered how and when I will address different things with her. It’s funny how we look back at what we loved as kids and with a parent’s perspective cringe and debate over how such things were deemed appropriate. Whether we’re becoming more sensitive to content or just more reflective, this is something we all have to think about as parents. Thanks for the great food for thought!

    1. Very true, Katherine. I’m sure you heard like I did, “Wait until you have children of your own…” Thanks for commenting.

  33. It’s funny the things that stick with you in movies, and things that don’t! I think all of the cussing and whatnot were very characteristic of movies (childrens’ movies or not) in the 80’s and early 90’s. Kids’ movies are a lot better in that regard now. But before my son was even born, I became a lot more aware of nudity in movies I was watching with my husband than I had when I was single. They weren’t significant parts of the movies for me, so I just forgot about them! I don’t think cursing in movies is something I’ll worry about my son watching as he gets older. I don’t think the term “homo” which you mentioned is heard in “Adventures in Babysitting” is a very nice word, but I don’t plan on hiding things like that from my little guy, either. Nudity and graphic violence are another story!

    My favorite movies from my childhood are things like, “The Little Mermaid,” “Jumanji,” “Freaky Friday,” and “Mrs. Doubtfire”! I could just watch them again, and again, and again! I would definitely watch them all with my son :).

    1. You just took me way back with the Freaky Friday reference! Jodie Foster. That was a great movie. Thank you, Lalia.

  34. After reading your post, I am so glad that when my children were little I did not have a television. But I got such a laugh reading your outcomes.

  35. I do wish movies wouldn’t have so much language and explicitness. We’ll get into a movie and then the bad stuff starts flying. We didn’t watch movies with language in it with the kids. It’s a shame that many good movies are ruined with inappropriate stuff. We used the Guardian when our kid were still at home.

  36. I love all of those movies, but I haven’t seen them in quite some time–after reading this post, I may have to wait longer than I figured to share them with my little one! My sister and I have also been rewatching some of the old Disney movies (in anticipation of my daughter watching them in the next couple of years), and I am STUNNED at what I missed when I was a little kid. Like, in “Beauty and the Beast,” Belle totally has Stockholm Syndrome. Seriously! And in “The Rescuers,” the idea of kidnapping/ child abuse is totally glossed over. Ack! The things we figure out as adults! 🙂

  37. A Christmas Story is one of my all time favorite movies. We watch it every year. When my sons were little, I worried about the language a little, but it kinda went right by them. So no big deal.

    One of my husband’s favorite movies was National Lampoon’s Vacation. He and I had only seen it on regular tv. So boy were we both in for a shock when the mom’s boobs were right out there. We never saw those when we watched it as kids.

    We have since learned that before we share any of our favorite movies from when we were growing up, to make sure we screen them first before we sit our boys down to watch them with us.

    1. So you didn’t forget like I did, you never knew! That’s so funny. Thanks for sharing, Angie.

  38. I’ve watched all of these with my 13 year old daughter. My boys don’t really care much for those kinds of movies though. I also watch movies like The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles with my daughter. She loves them!

  39. Absolutely LOVE the title of this post! I’ve had a similar experience with Disney movies – I forget just how scary many of them are. I’ve been burned a couple of times suggesting movies to watch with my little nephews. These guys can watch Animal Planet shows about lions dining on zebra but there’s something about the scary animation and ominous music soundtrack that freaks them out!

  40. I can say that I’ve seen all of these movies and loved them all as a kid. In fact, when I read the list, I was thinking I have to show these to my kids and then I got to the Adventures in Babysitting movie. I liked that one a lot, too. You described the “homo” language in it and I thought to myself, “Oh my gosh, that was totally acceptable in the 80s.” That won’t fly now and my kids are taught openly about homosexuality.

    It definitely made me think twice about the relics from my childhood. It also made me feel a little dated. . . 😉

    1. Relics! Yes. If the movie itself doesn’t take you back, the soundtrack sure will. Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

  41. This is so true! It is amazing the things movies that we watched as kids were able to get away with that nowadays (I just aged myself) are taboo!

    i have also tried to sit down and watch a few of my favorite movies with my Kiddies and been surprised by the amount of cursing and adult themed things that were in them. I find myself wondering did I even notice it as a child because honestly I don’t even remember it being so bad.

    Great post!

  42. Omg! Yes! I’m constantly saying, “oh! I LOVED this movie!” To the kids and then 5 minutes in I have to turn it off b/c of language. What is up with all the family movies that weren’t really family friendly?

    1. A lot of it goes over my son’s head. But the stuff that doesn’t sends me reeling. Thanks, Adrienne.

  43. I wonder sometimes about American media. I don’t think they think about kids watching some of this stuff. My kids are older now, but they know stuff I certainly didn’t know at their ages. It kind of shocks me how much things have changed in just one generation and I think the media is largely responsible for it. I like movies and TV as much as anyone, but I wonder sometimes what a Pandora’s box we’ve unleashed. #SITSSharefest

    1. It’s a catch 22. My son comes up with these clever sayings or nuances and its origin is normally a TV show of some sort. So his comic timing is impeccable but his delivery is sometimes too advanced. Thanks, Adrian!

  44. Love these movies! And yes, I’ve watched some of them with my now 17 year old. These days, our kids are so inundated with curse words and other obscene gestures. To the point, they become immune to it. I cringe whenever I hear curse words or see obscene scenes in movies we watch together. Even some of the “innocent” cartoons allude to certain adult type themes.

    1. Yes, some of the cartoons are outrageous. I almost choked one night when I turned to Adult Swim by accident.

    1. Movies were a huge part of my life growing up. I’m trying to recapture that. Thanks, Aleshea!

  45. LOL @ hobo. I had to get over it because “little shit” and other cringing stuff is in Home Alone! Geez. We have a Home Alone marathon every year. Aside for the curse words in my favorites Christopher easily has bad dreams and he decides early in a movie that he doesn’t want to watch it anymore (ET., Goonies, Star Wars, Indiana Jones) I could go on here….

  46. Isn’t it amazing how politically incorrect these movies are! How did they ever get away with so much! Thanks for the great trip back down memory lane! I think I have seen all of them at least a dozen times!

  47. It’s so funny that those words didn’t bother us as kids but as Moms we don’t want our kids to hear it. Most of those movies are my favorites too but we also love Christmas Vacation and Family Man.

  48. You hit most of my favorites! Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get my kids to sit through any of them. My daughter did watch “Girls just wanna have fun” with me. I plan to watch The Christmas Story with them this season so thanks for giving me a heads up on what I’ve forgotten 🙂

    1. I was so excited when my son started watching movies all the way through. Now he wants me to watch one with him all the time. Thanks, Herchel!

  49. I am still taking the I’d daughter to Disney movies, lol. Her momma is not hearing it.

    I however loved Adventures in Babysitting! I’ve said it before, it’s an all time favorite! That version of Karate Kid is the business!

    I’ve never watched the Xmas story. I always get aggravated and flip the channel hen I see it. It’s never appealed to me, maybe I’ll sit still and watch this year!

  50. Oh yes, I’ve watched many inappropriate movies with my kids. They’re a bit older now, but I remember one movie in particular (can’t remember what it is called) that my youngest asked me if we could watch together earlier this year (he was 12). It had several inappropriate parts but for the most part we were rolling in laughter the whole time. Then my husband came home and couldn’t believe I watched it with him. Hmmm…wait a minute…when I started thinking back…my husband has done the exact same thing…DodgeBall, Stepbrothers etc…those aren’t exactly stellar movies in that way either. It was fine. He was old enough to handle it. And I think some of it went over his head.

  51. I have seen all the movies listed and they are all my favorite. I think A Christmas Story was my most favorite. I complexly forgot the language in the movies and only remembered the story line. It willbe a very long time before my kids see it.

    1. You do forget about the language. And the language is even less censored these days when you watch shows on network TV. Thanks, Kalley!

  52. When my youngest son was 4 we were driving to TX and all of a sudden he said “your ass is grass.” After I quit laughing (I’m a bad example sometimes but it sounded so funny coming out of his cute little voice.) I asked him where he learned that. He was watching the Sandlot (maybe the 2nd one) and heard it in there. I’m not sure that any movies are completely kid friendly anymore.

    1. I cannot tell you how many times I have had to stop myself from laughing at something he has said. You just can’t help it sometimes, especially when you are caught off-guard.

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