Thu. Jan 21st, 2021

22 thoughts on “3 of My Favorite Things Right Now

  1. I looked at this list and had to laugh. I am ashamed to say that every morning I grab my phone and read CNN. I just have to! Tide Pods are the best.. And Never have seen Cold Justice but always looking for a new series to watch! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I’m not familiar with your three things that you’re loving right now, but I have a similar thing through the AP on my phone for things to know as I start my day. 😉 I also feel like I should check out Cold Justice because it sounds like something I would enjoy.

  3. I do my own laundry and my kids’ so twice a week. Which isn’t so bad. It would be worse if they didn’t have TONS of clothes that were given as gifts/hand-me-downs.
    My husband has CNN blaring whenever he’s home. He doesn’t even like it but his real favorite news station is no longer available at our home because we changed our cable. I also get a lot of news from online.

    1. My son gets a lot of hand-me-downs too! I love that he does, but it is extra laundry. My husband has MSNBC on all day and then switches to ESPN when he’s home. LOL

  4. Ugh I hate laundry. I’ve been making my own detergent but I like Tide. I am sure I would like Tide Pods. I get most of my news online, but we do get the newspaper. I skim it though…it’s mostly good for the local stuff.

    1. I wish I only did laundry EVERY OTHER day! Between my son’s school uniforms, my husband’s 2-3 showers a day, and my every day clothing–I do laundry daily. Ugghhh. But the Tide Pods make it just a wee bit better. Thank you, Amber!

  5. I love Tide Pods too!! I always put in two though and my clothes come out so fresh and soft. Your other two are going to become my favorites too. Going right now to set the DVR for Cold Justice. You have cool taste!

    1. Thank you, Alison! I use two pods too if I have a large load of laundry. Hope you enjoy Cold Justice.

    1. CNN is pretty cool. When I lived in Atlanta, I was able to visit the headquarters once. Thanks Kate!

  6. I pretty much avoid the news – it usually just depresses me.
    I love the Tide Pods!! I tend to do the laundry just once a week – usually on the weekend. The only exception is summer when I run a load almost every day with beach towels and swim stuff!

    1. I know what you mean about depressing news. There are multiple murders in New Orleans every day. But yes the Tide Pods are great, Kim!

  7. I only get my news from email and this CNN trend would be simply fabulous. I get all the local goings on but I’ve wanted a quick national update. Thanks friend!

    I do laundry once every 2 weeks.

    1. It’s such a great tool to stay on top of current events. They recently started adding trending internet topics too.

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