5 iPhone Shortcuts to Brighten Your Day

I do enjoy the updates that I frequently get for my iPhone, but I don’t always take the time to learn the new features that I get. This weekend I made an effort to get to know my phone a little more. Here is what I found…






Control Center

I started with the gray Control Center that appears when you swipe upwards on any screen. I noticed that the icons in WHITE were those in use and those grayed out were not. 





1.  Switch your setting to Airplane Mode by tapping airplane icon. You don’t have to do the extra step of going into your Settings App, you can do it on the gray control center.

Bonus Tip: Your phone charges twice as fast when in Airplane Mode.






2. Stop phone from rotating to landscape orientation when you are viewing it lying down. Or when you set it down on a surface. Tap the small padlock symbol icon to keep screen in portrait orientation. Tap again when you want to reverse it.






3. Decrease backlight strength by sliding dim control bar to the left. You don’t have to do the extra steps of going into your Settings App and changing the Brightness level, you can do it on the gray control center. I listen to Pandora with my earphones at night in bed sometimes. I dim the screen so as not to disturb Hubby when I want to change the channel or view info on the song playing.

Bonus Tip: This reduces the  amount of power your screen uses and lengthens the battery life.










4. Complete a sentence automatically when you reach the end by hitting the space bar twice. Your iPhone will produce a period, a space, and capitalize the next letter for you. Great time saver!






5. Hold down the 0 (zero) key and the degree symbol will pop up for you to insert it. Most of the other letter and punctuation keys have additional characters and symbols too.






Do you own an iPhone? If no, what type of cell phone do you have?

Are any of these shortcuts new to you?

Which shortcuts have you recently discovered on your iPhone? 

Which other Apple products do you own?


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