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44 thoughts on “My One Word for 2014

  1. I have the same word for this year – JOY! After a year filled with unexpected blessings that resulted in me being miserable, JOY was the word that I needed.

    So glad you have the same word! #SITSBlogging

    1. Oprah’s words stayed with me after that Next Chapter interview. When you hear a billionaire speak, you should listen! LOL Thanks Lauren.

    1. I thought about DO a lot! It’s an action word. And one that makes me think GO. But for me this year, I needed to narrow my focus more. Thanks Leslie!

  2. I love your word! I am loving everyone’s words honestly! I hope that this year brings you all the joy you wish to have! Happy New Year! I’ll be linking my word up tomorrow!

  3. Here’s wishing you a joyful 2014, Kimberly! My one word is focus. I believe 2014 will be a year in which I place emphasis on the people and things that really count!

  4. Joy is a excellent word. Simple and easy. Last year I chose extraordinary – I didn’t last through January keeping up with it. 😉 I didn’t chose a word this year.

  5. I love the thought of choosing one word to focus on. I really pray for clarity this year. I can’t really give that to myself, so I guess I’ll have to think of another word. You definitely give my something to think about! Happy New Year and good luck on your new year focus.

    1. It will make you think! Clarity is hard to come by. I hope you get some, Andrea. Thanks!

  6. How awesome, we have almost the same word! Mine is joyful. I want to be filled with joy this year. With my son, my family, in my faith, work, life everything, filled with joy.
    May your 2014 also be filled with joy!

    1. I thought about joyful, but joy just seem to fit for me. Wishing you lots of it this year, Joanna. Thank you for stopping by.

  7. Joy is a perfect word for this new year! I’m trying to figure out what my focus word will be! balance…patience…faith…just to name a few! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I’ve read several people talking about BALANCE as their one word. Very important word among WAHMs and SAHMs. Trying to juggle all our hats. Thanks, Laniakia!

  8. I just found out about My One Word on Good Morning America waiting for the Rose Bowl Parade. I bought the book right away. My one word is Today.

    1. I am learning so much about the One Word concept from so many people. Following you on Google+ now, Kristina. Thank you for stopping by.

  9. JOY is a fabulous word and I hope it really inspires you to do great things in 2014! I think that you will be successful and have a great year with your focus as JOY. My word of the year is possible. I hope that you have a happy 2014! Looking forward to watching you progress!

  10. I like Joy it’s a great word. I saw someone on another website even do a word for the year in a printable to keep as a reminder.

  11. JOY is an awesome word. I wish you a wonderful year full of JOY! If I had to pick one word, I think it would be ENJOY. I get so busy sometimes I forget to ever just have fun and enjoy life. It’s something I need to work on!

    1. I was just discussing ENJOY with another blogger this morning. I’ve been spending more time watching movies with Deuce. Giving him my attention and hanging out with him. It’s so rewarding. I signed up for a GoodReads challenge and I’m going to try to exceed the number of books I pledged to read.

  12. Love your word! Joy was my word for 2013 and it really did help me focus on seeking joy in all areas of my life. May your year be filled with joy!

    1. It was your word last year. That’s great! I’m looking forward to embracing it in 2014. Thank you, Bev!

  13. I love this post Kimberley! It made me think about my goals I’ve just set last week – I think my one word will have to be “build”
    Happy new year and thanks for sharing! I’m heading over to divas now to have a look at her post too.

  14. I’m going to check out my girls post. I was inspired by Carli and my word is balance. I’ll be
    Posting about it soon. Much Joi to you dear, lol! I love that word, truly!!!

    Happy New Year Sis!

  15. I love it! Thank you for connecting with Divas With A Purpose! I’m excited to see how 2014 unfolds for you as you focus on JOY! My word for 2014 is support and I’m excited to put into action some of the ideas that have been tumbling around in my head. One of my blogging goals is to increase my blog stats by 25% across the board (views, social media reach, etc) and one of my personal goals is to have a monthly date night with my husband. Kids and life have really taken a toll on the one-on-one time we spend together. Happy 2014!

    1. I hear ya, Michelle. More family time is something I need. Sitting at the table and eating dinner all at the same time. Game nights. Movie nights. I was happy to connect with you for this post. Going to make a big difference in 2014.

  16. Your one word is perfect! Joy is such a wonderful place to be in. I wish you all the joy in 2014!

  17. JOY is a great word!
    I have seen a lot of posts like this and have been thinking about picking a word, too. Still not sure what word I would pick (so many choices!).
    Happy 2014!

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